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'gunstig hoog-risico'  “one thousand HER2 patients” project  [11C] docetaxel  [18F]paclitaxel  %FT  10-year recurrence  15-hydroxyprostaglandinedehydrogenase  15-PGDH  16K PRIL  16q23  1703-studie  18F-FDG opname  1p 19q co-deleted oligodendroglioma  21-gen recurrence score assay  21-gene expression assay  21-gene recurrence score  25-hydroxyvitamin D  27-hydroxycholesterol  28-year risk of lung cancer  321GO  3D brachytherapy  3DCRT  4EVER trial  4L lymph node dissection  5-ARIs  5-FU  5α-reductase inhibitors  70-GS  8-OHdG  90101 CREATE-studie  91-maands update van CALGB 100104-studie  A.R.R.O.W-studie  A041202 study  AAC  AACR  AACR 2015  AACR Academy  AAML0531 trial  AAP  ABCSG 8A trial  ABCSG-18 study  abemaciclib plus fulvestrant for MBC  Abi Race studie  abirateron  abiraterone  abiraterone for prostate cancer  ablatieve behandeling  abnormale peritoneale cytologie  ABOUND.2L+ study  ABSI  ABSOLUTE  absolute dense area  absoluut neutrofielgetal  ABT-199  ABTC  ABVD  ACC  accelerated partial breast irradiation  ACCRU study SC-1603  accrual  ACE  ACE study  ACE-LY-004 studie  ACES  acetaminophen  acne  ACOSOG Z0011  ACP statement  acquired resistance to osimertinib  acraal melanoom  ACRIN 6686-studie  ACT  actieve surveillance  ACTIM  actinisch carcinoom  active melanoma brain metastases  active surveillance  activering immuunsysteem  ACTs  acupuncture for aromatase inhibitor-related joint pain  acute kidney injury  acute leukemie  acute lymfoblastische leukemie  acute myeloid leukemia  acute myeloïde leukemie  acute promyelocytische leukemie  acute promyeolcytische leukemie  acute toxicity  AD-risico  ADAM-studie  ADAM8  ADAMTS-mutaties  ADAPT-studie  adaptive randomization  ADC versus SCC  ADCs  additional cytogenetic abnormalities  ADEBAR  ademanalyse  ademtest  adenocarcinoma of the small intestine  adenocarcinoom  adenoma detection rate  ADH  adherence  adherene to adjuvant endocrine therapy  adherentie  adherentie AET  adherentie orale chemotherapie  adipositas  adjuvant bevacizumab  adjuvant capecitabine  adjuvant care  adjuvant chemotherapy  adjuvant chemotherapy regimens  adjuvant CRT  adjuvant denosumab  adjuvant erlotinib for early-stage NSCLC  adjuvant FOLFIRINOX versus gemcitabine  adjuvant imatinib  adjuvant ipilimumab  adjuvant multimodality therapy  adjuvant radiation therapy  adjuvant radiotherapy  adjuvant RT  adjuvant S-1  adjuvant S-1 with or without docetaxel  adjuvant therapy  adjuvant trastuzumab  adjuvant trastuzumab duration  adjuvant treatment  ADJUVANT-studie  adjuvante chemotherapie  adjuvante CRT  adjuvante HER2-remming  adjuvante hormoontherapie  adjuvante systemische therapie  ADMIRAL study  ADNEX  ado-trastuzumab emtansine  adolescent and young adult  adolescent and young adult HL  adolescent overweigh or obesity  adolescents and young adults  adoptive T-cell therapy  ADR  ADT  ADT risk of depression  adult height  adult survivors of childhood ALL  adult survivors of childhood cancer  adult T-cell leukemia lymphoma  adult type granulosa cell tumors of the ovary  adult weight gain  advanced anal squamous cell carcinoma  advanced biliary tract cancer  advanced biliary tract cancers  advanced breast cancer  advanced cancer  advanced EGFR-positive non-squamous NSCLC  advanced endometrial cancer  advanced esophageal cancer  advanced gastric cancer  advanced gastroesophageal cancer  advanced HN CSCC  advanced HNSCC  advanced Hodgkin lymphoma  advanced indolent lymphoma  advanced melanoma  advanced Merkel cell carcinoma  advanced mucosal melanoma  advanced non-clear cell RCC  advanced non-clear-cell RCC  advanced NSCLC  advanced or metastatic colorectal cancer  advanced or refractory desmoid tumors  advanced ovarian cancer  advanced ovarian carcinoma  advanced ovarium neoplasms  advanced pancreatic cancer  advanced PDAC  advanced prostate cancer  advanced pulmonary sarcomatoid carcinoma  advanced RCC  advanced recurrent ovarian cancer  advanced renal cell carcinoma  advanced sarcoma  advanced solid malignancies  advanced solid tumors  advanced squamous NSCLC  advanced triple-negative breast cancer  advanced urothelial cancer  advanced wild-type BRAF melanoma  advanced-stage cancer  advanced-stage Hodgkin’s lymphoma  adverse events  adverse mental health outcomes  aerobe inspanning  aerobic and resistance exercise  aerobic exercise during chemotherapy  afatinib  afatinib versus methotrexaat  AFFIRM  AFFIRM-studie  aflibercept  AFUGEM GERCOR  AGC  age  age disparities  age-specific BMI  agent orange  AGES-Reykjavik study  aggressive lymphoma  AGITG MAX study  AGO-OVAR 16-studie  agressieve fibromatose  agressive squamous cell carcinoma  AGRICAN-studie  aGVHD  AHEP0731 study  AHL2011 study  AHOD1221 study  AI  AI-therapie  AIC  AIO-FLOT3 studie  AJCC CSM-8  AL-amyloïdose  ALBI  ALCANZA-studie  ALCL  alcohol  alcohol and tobacco consumption  alcohol consumption  alcohol intake  alcoholconsumptie  alcoholgebruik  ALCYONE-studie  aldoxorubicine  alectinib  alectinib versus crizotinib  ALEX study  ALEX-studie  ALFA-0701 trial  ALiCCS studie  ALiCCS study  ALiCCS-studie  alisertib  ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer  ALK-positive NSCLC  ALK-rearranged NSCLC  ALK-remmer  ALK1  alkaline phosphatase  alkylerende chemotherapie  ALL  Alliance A091401-studie  Alliance N0572-studie  ALLIVE-studie  allo-BMT  allo-HSCT  allo-HST  allogene hematopoïetische stamceltransplantatie  allogene stamceltransplantatie  allogeneic BMT in childhood  allogeneic hematopietic cell transplantation  allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplant  allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation  allogeneic HSCT  alloHCT  alloHSCT  alloSCT  ALND  alopecie  alpelisib  alpelisib plus fulvestrant  ALTA-1L  ALTA-studie  ALTER 0303 study  ALTERNATIVE-studie  ALUR-studie  alveolar soft-part sarcoma  alvleesklierkanker  AM  Amara West  AMD  American Association for Cancer Research  American Cancer Society richtljnen  AMG 337  AMH  AML  AML MDS  AML-relapse after allo-HCT  AML-risico  AML17-studie  AMPK variant  AMPK-route  AMPLE-2 study  amrubicine  analgesic use  analgesics  analgetica  analyse AZURE-studie  analyse binnen PICCOLO-studie  analyse CheckMate 205-studie  analyse COG AAML 1031  analyse CROSS-studie  analyse fase 3-studie CALGB 40503  analyse fase 3-studie GeparQuinto  analyse MA.27-studie  analyse NORDIC-VII studie  analyse STAMPEDE-studie  Analyse van CheckMate 066 en CheckMate 067  analyse van fase 3-studie CAO ARO AIO-04  analyse van STAMPEDE-studie  anaplastic large-cell lymphoma  anaplastisch grootcellig lymfoom  anaplastisch schildkliercarcinoom  anastrozol  anastrozole  and HIV infection  and rituximab  and time already survived  androgeendeprivatie  androgeenreceptor  androgeensuppressie  androgen concentrations in prepubertal girls  androgen deprivation therapy  androgen receptor expression  androgen receptor signaling inhibitor  aneuploïdie  angiogenese  angiosarcomen  angiosarcoom  angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors  ANGPT2  anlotinib  anlotinib versus sunitinib  anoikis-resistentie  anorexia nervosa  anorexie  anosmin-1  antacida  anthracycline chemotherapie  anthracyclines  anthracylcines  anti-angiogene middelen  anti-angiogenese  anti-CTLA-4 plus anti-PD-1 blockade  anti-Hu  anti-humaan T-lymfocyt immunoglobuline  anti-PD-(L)1 therapy  anti-PD-1 antibodies plus RT  anti-PD-1 L1  anti-PD-1 related pneumonitis  anti-PD-1 therapy  anti-PD-1 therapy for advanced melanoma  Anti-T-lymfocten globuline  anti-VEGF therapie  anti-VGEF therapie  antiangiogenese  antibodies  antibody-drug-conjugates  anticoagulatie  antihypertensive drugs  antiogeneseresistentie  antioxidant supplements  antioxidanten  antioxidants  antithymocytenglobuline  antitumor-werkzaamheid van bisfosfonaten  antiviral treatment  anus squameus celcarcinoom  anuscarcinoom  anuskanker  AO AOA  apalutamide  apatinib  apatinib plus oral etoposide  aPC  APHINITY-studie  apixaban  APL  apoptose  appendixcarcinoom  aprepitant  APT trial  AR-expression  AR-remming  AR-V7  ARAMIS study  ARCAD  ARCAGE-studie  aRCC  ARCHER 1050  ARCHER 1050-studie  ARIC-studie  ARIEL3-studie  Aristotle study  ARMD  aRMS  aromatase inibitor-induced adverse effects  aromataseremmer  aromataseremmers  array comparative genomic hybridization  ARROW study  ARRY-380  arseentrioxide  arsenicum  ART  ART-gerichte behandeling  arterial thromboembolism preceding cancer diagnosis  artificial intelligence  ARTIS study  ARTIST 2 study  artralgie  ARv567es  ASCC  ASCEND-2  ASCEND-5  ASCEND-5 studie  ascites  ASCO  ASCO 2016  ASCT  ASCT versus maintenance chemotherapy consolidation  ASH 2015  Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry  ASILs  ASPECCT  AspECT study  ASPIRE-studie  aspirin  aspirin NSAID use  aspirine  aspirine NSAIDs  aspirineprofylaxe  ASPS  assessment of lung cancer risk  Assisted reproduction  assisted reproductive technology  associatie diabetes en kanker  association between PFS and QOL  association of cutaneous toxic effects with outcomes  association with survival  AST  astma  ASTRO 2015  ASTRO 2016  asymptomatic brain metastases  asymptomatic WM  ATBC Study  ATE  atezolizumab  atezolizumab plus bevacizumab  atezolizumab plus nab-paclitaxel  ATL  ATLANTIC-studie  ATM  atopie  ATR-blockers  atriumfibrilleren  ATRTs  ATTRACTION-2 studie  atypical bronchopulmonary carcinoids  atypical squamous cell of undetermined signifance  atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance  atypisch meningioom  atypische ductale hyperplasie  atypische hyperplasie  Atypische teratoïde rhabdoïde tumor  atypische teratoïde rhabdoïde tumoren  AUGMENT study  AURA  AURA-studie  AURA-substudie  AURA2  AURA3  AURA3 study  AURA3-studie  AURELIA  AURELIA-studie  AURELIA-substudie  Aurora A  aurora kinase A inhibition  Australian Melanoma Family Study  auto-immuunziekten  autofagie  autoHCT  autoHSCT  autoimmune disease  autologe stamceltransplantatie  autologous stem cell transplantation  AVAglio  AVAST-M study  AVAST-M trial  avastin  avelumab  avelumab plus axitinib  AVERT study  AVERT trial  axicabtagene ciloleucel  axillaire lymfeklierdissectie  axillaire radiotherapie  axillaire status  axillaire ultrasound  axillary dissection  axitinib  axitinib plus pembrolizumab  AYA cancer  AYA cancer survivors  AYA-maligniteiten  AYAs  AZ9291  azacitidine  B-cel activering  B-cel lymfoom  B-cel maligniteiten  B-cel precursor-ALL  B-cellymfoom  B-precursos ALL  B-progenitor acute lymphoblastic leukemia  baarmoederhalskanker  BALLET-studie  bariatrische chirurgie  Barrett esophagus  Barrett slokdarm  Barrett-slokdarm  Barrett's esophagus  Barrett's slokdarm  Barrett’s oesophagus  basaalcelcarcinoom  basal-like mammacarcinoom  Baselga  bassi  BAT  bb2121  BBB  BBD  BBD-BC  BCBM  BCC  BCCs  BCCSS  BCIN+  BCIS  Bcl-2  BCL2 expression  BCNU  BCP-ALL  BCS  BCS for N2 N3 disease  BCT versus mastectomie  BCT vs MAST  BEACON-studie subgroep-analyse  BEAT Cancer interventie  BEBYP-studie  beeld-geleide brachytherapie  beeldvorming  beenmergevaluatie  beha  belangenconflicten  belinostat  BELLE-2 studie  BELOB  bendamustine  benign biopsy rate  benign solid tumors  benigne borstziekte  benzeen  benzodiazepine  BEP  BERIL-1  bestraling  beta-arrestin-1  BETA-Text  bètablokkers  between-hospital variation  bevacizumab  bevacizumab biosimilar  bevacizumab preconditionering voor chemotherapie  BEVZ92  BFORE-studie  BGJ398  bhatia  BI-ALCL  BIA ALCL  BIDOC-studie  BIG 1-01  BIG 1-98  bijnierschorscarcinoom  bijniertumoren  bijwerkingen  bilaterale risicoreducerende mastectomie  BILCAP study  BILCAP-studie  biliary tract cancer  BIND-014  Bing-Neel syndrome  binimetinib  biochemisch recidief  biological aging  biologische beschikbaarheid  biomarker  biomarker voor respons op bevacizumab  biomarkeranalyse ASPECCT-studie  biomarkers  biopsie schildwachtklier  BIRCH-studie  birinapant  birth order  bisfosfonaat  bisfosfonaten  blaascarcinoom  blaaskanker  black race  black versus nonblack men  Black Women's Health Study  Black Women’s Health Study  bladder cancer  bladder cancer in postmenopausal women  bladder cancer VI-RADS score  bleeding risk  bleomycin-related pulmonary toxicity  bleomycine  blinatumomab  blinded double reading  bloedgluocse  bloeding  bloedkanker  bloedlipiden  bloedtest colorectaalcarcinoom  Blood or Marrow Transplant Survivor Study-2  blood tests  blood tumor mutational burden  bloodstream infections  BLU-667  BM  BMD  BMI  BMM  BO  body composition  body composition and cardiovascular events  body fat  body fat distribution  body mass index  body shape trajectory  Boekel  BOLERO-1  BOLERO-2  bone loss in younger breast cancer patients  bone marrow biopsy  bone metastases  bone-only metastasis  bone-targeted agents  borderline ovariumtumor  borderline resectable pancreatic cancer  Borealis-1 studie  Borealis-2 studie  borstbiopsie  borstchirurgie  borstdichtheid  borstimplantaat  borstkanker  borstkanker bij mannen  borstkankerpreventie  borstkankerscreening  borstkankerscreening oudere vrouwen  borstkankersterfte  borstparende chirurgie  borstreconstructie  borstreconstructie na mastectomie  borstsparende chirurgie  borsttomosynthese  borstvoeding  bortezomib  bortezomib plus chemotherapy  bortezomib plus rituximab maintenance  BOSS cohort  bot-SPNs  boteffect  botmetastasen  botmetastasen van mammacarcinoom  botmetastasering  botmicrometastasen  botox  botpijn  botsarcoom  bovenste-luchtwegkanker  BP-RMS  BPDCN  BPH  BPM  BPs  BR  brachytherapie  BRAF  BRAF 594 en 596 mutaties  BRAF 600 wild type melanoom  BRAF mutation  BRAF plus MEK inhibition  BRAF V600-mutated mNSCLC  BRAF V600E  BRAF V600E mCRC  BRAF wild-type advanced melanoma  BRAF-genfusies  BRAF-mutant melanoma  BRAF-mutated malignancies  BRAF-mutated melanoma  BRAF-remmer  BRAF-remmers  BRAF-remming  BRAF-V600E  brain metastases  brain metastases nivolumab plus ipilimumab  brain metastasis  brain tumors  brain-metastatic lung cancer  BRCA  BRCA mutation carriers with breast cancer  BRCA-mutatie  BRCA1  BRCA1 2 germline mutations  BRCA1 2 mutation  BRCA1 2 mutations  BRCA1 2 variants  BRCA1 2-mutatie  BRCA1 2-mutaties  BRCA1 2-mutations  BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations  BRCA1 mutation  BRCA1-mutatie  BRCA2  BRCA2-associated breast cancer  BRCA2-mutaties  breast and lung cancer mortality in women  breast and prostate cancer  breast cancer  breast cancer bone metastasis  breast cancer brain metastases  breast cancer brain metastasis  breast cancer chemotherapy  breast cancer diagnosis  breast cancer family history  breast cancer in childhood cancer survivors  breast cancer in high-risk women  breast cancer in young women  breast cancer leptomeningeal disease  breast cancer metastases  breast cancer metastatic recurrence  breast cancer mortality  breast cancer outcomes  breast cancer ovarium cancer predisposition genes  breast cancer risk  breast cancer screening  breast cancer screening in average-risk women  breast cancer subtype  breast cancer subtypes  breast cancer surgery  breast cancer survival  breast cancer survivors  breast cancer survivorship  breast cancer-related fatigue  breast desmoid tumor management in France  breast intraepithelial neoplasia recurrence  breast symptoms  breast-conserving surgery  brentuximab vedotin  brentuximab verdotin  brigatinib  BRIM-3 studie  BRIM8-studie  British Childhood Cancer Survivor Study  Broad-based genomic sequencing  BRPC  bruton's tyrosine kinase  BTC  BTK  Burkitt's lymfoom  busulfan plus fludarabine  busulfan plus melphalan conditioning  BV  BV plus AVD  BVD-523  C SCANS studie  C-486  C-ALCL  C-ion RT  C-reactive protein  C-TASK FORCE studie  CA-125  CA180-226 studie  CA19-9  CA209-003 studie  CA301 study  CABARET-studie  cabazitaxel  CABOSUN  cabozantinib  cabozantinib versus everolimus  CAD  CADC  CADM1 MAL-methylering  cafeïne  caffeïne  CAG-repeat  CAIRO3  calcitonin receptor-like  calcium  calcium supplementation  calciuminname  CALGB 50604  CALGB 89803-studie  CALGB Alliance 140503  CALGB SWOG 80405 study  CALOR-studie  caloric restriction  CAM  camrelizumab  cancer  cancer burden in patients with sleep apnea  cancer clinical trial participants  cancer diagnosis  cancer diagnosis in primary care  cancer driver genes  cancer drugs approved based on response rate  cancer history  cancer in solid organ transplantation recipients  cancer incidence and mortality  cancer mortality  Cancer of unknown rimary  cancer patients  cancer patients treated with anticoagulation  cancer prevention  cancer recurrence  cancer risk  cancer risk after hematuria diagnosis  cancer risk in children  cancer screening  cancer surgical procedures  cancer survivors  cancer susceptibility genes  cancer-related cognitive impairment  cancer-related fatigue  cancer-specific mortality  cancer-testis antigens  cannabigerol  cannabis  CanSNET-studie  CANTO trial  CAO ARO AIO-04 study  CAP-studie  capecitabine  capecitabine versus observation  capivasertib for tumors with AKT mutations  CAPP-Seq  CAPRI-GOIM  CAPRICE  CAR T-cell therapy  CAR T-cellen voor solide tumoren  CAR T-celtherapie  CAR-T celtherapie  carbazitaxel  carbon ion RT  carboplatin with radiotherapy  carboplatine  carcinoïd tumoren  cardiac events  cardiac safety  cardiale disfunctie  cardiale toxiciteit  cardiale veiligheid  cardiorespiratorische fitheid  cardiorespiratory fitness  cardiotoxiciteit  cardiotoxiciteit anthracylines  cardiotoxiciteit chemotherapie  cardiotoxicity  cardiovasculair risico  cardiovasculaire toxiciteit  cardiovascular diseasse  cardiovascular risk  carfilzomib  CARMENA study  CARMENA-studie  carmustine  Carolina Breast Cancer Study  carotenoïden  carpaal-tunnelsyndroom  CARTS study  CASPS study  CASR  CASSINI study  CASSIOPEIA study  castratieresistent prostaatcarcinoom  castration-resistant prostate cancer  CATCH  catch-up HPV-vaccination  CATNON-studie  catumaxomab  cause of death  CBC  CBC risk  CBC-risico  CBTS  cc mRCC  CC-223  CCEC  CCNE1 expression  CCR7  ccRCC  ccRCC brain metastases  CCRT  CCSS  CD47 blockade plus rituximab  CD8+ T cell infiltration  CDK4 6-remming  CDKN2C  CDS  CDX-110  CDX2  CEA  CEA-specifieke T-cel respons  cediranib  CEGT  celecoxib  CELESTIAL trial  cell-free urine  cellulaire immuuntherapie  CelTIL-score  celvrij circulerend tumor DNA  central adiposity  centrale adipositas  cerebellopontine angle tumors  cerebrospinale vloeistof  ceritinib  cervical cancer  cervical cancer screening  cervical HPV-testing  cervical neoplasia  cervical screening  cervicale glandulaire neoplasie  cervicale intra-epitheliale neoplasie graad 3  cervicale intraepitheliale neoplasie  cervicale-slokdarmkanker  cervixcarcinoom  cervixcarcinoomscreening  cervixconisatie  cervixkanker  cervixkankerscreening  cervixlaesies  CESM  CETSA  cetuximab  cetuximab-IRDye800  cetuximab-related infusion reactions  cetuximab-resistentie  CF-WBI  cfDNA  CGC  cGVHD  ch  CHAARTED-analyse  CHAARTED-studie  change in serum uric acid level  change of breast cancer subtype during neoadjuvant chemotherapy  Charlson-score  CHD  CheckMate 012  CheckMate 016-studie  CheckMate 017 en 057  CheckMate 017 en CheckMate 057  CheckMate 017-studie  CheckMate 025  CheckMate 026-studie  CheckMate 032 study  CheckMate 037  CheckMate 040  CheckMate 064  CheckMate 066  CheckMate 066 study  CheckMate 067  CheckMate 069  CheckMate 069 066 en 067  CheckMate 141  CheckMate 141-studie  CheckMate 142  CheckMate 204 study  CheckMate 205 study  CheckMate 214  CheckMate 227-studie  CheckMate 238-studie  CheckMate 275  CheckMate 370-studie  CheckMate 384 study  CheckMate 511 trial  CheckMate 568  CheckMate-032 study  CheckMate-142  checkpoint blockade immunotherapy  checkpoint inhibitor therapy  checkpoint kinases  CHEK2 1100delC  CHEK2 germline pathogenic variants  CHEK2-mutaties  CHEK2*1100delC  chemerin plasma concentration  chemobrain  chemoimmunotherapy  chemopreventie mammacarcinoom  chemopreventie van mammacarcinoom  chemoprevention with low-dose aspirin  chemoradiotherapie  Chemoresistentie  chemosensitizatie  chemotherapie  chemotherapie tijdens zwangerschap  chemotherapie-geïnduceerd ovariumfalen  chemotherapie-geïnduceerd POF  chemotherapie-geïnduceerde febriele neutropenie  chemotherapie-geïnduceerde misselijkheid en braken  chemotherapy  chemotherapy after colorectal cancer liver metastasectomy  chemotherapy alone versus combined modality therapy  chemotherapy benefit  chemotherapy demands  chemotherapy plus ponatinib  chemotherapy regimens  chemotherapy response score  chemotherapy versus observation  chemotherapy-free treatment  chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting  chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy  chemotherapy-related cognitive impairment  chemotherapy-related hematological toxicity  CHF  CHHiP-studie  childbearing potential  childbirth  childhood ALL  childhood B-ALL  childhood brain tumors  childhood cancer  Childhood Cancer Survivor Study  childhood cancer survivors  childhood leukemia  childhood leukemia risk  childhood leukemia; maternal hormonal contraception use  children  children and AYAs with cancer  Children’s Oncology Group  Children’s Oncology Group Study AALL03N1  chimeric antigen receptor  CHIP  chirurgie  cHL  cHL in young patients  cholangiocarcinoma  cholangiocarcinoom  cholecystitis  chondrosarcoma  chondrosarcoom  CHOP  chordoma  chordoom  chromische lymfocytische leukemie  chromocolonoscopy versus white-light colonoscopy  chromosoom 21  chromosoominstabiliteit  chromothripisis  chronic health conditions  chronic lymphocytic leukemia  chronisch graft-versus-host disease  chronische fase CML  Chronische fase-CML  chronische lymfatische leukemie  chronische lymfocytische leukemie  chronische lymfoide leukemie  chronische myelomonocytische leukemie  Chronos-1  chubb  chyleuze ascites  CIA  cilengitide  CIMP  CIN  CIN 3  CIN2 3  CIN2+ detection  CINP  CINV  CIO  CIOD  CIPN  circadiaan ritme  circulating DNA  circulating HPV DNA  circulating sex hormone levels  circulating tumor cells  circulating tumor DNA  circulerend DNA  circulerend tumor-DNA  circulerende tumorcellen  circulerende tumorcellen; detectie nieuwe mutaties  circulerende vetzuren  CIRT  CISIG  cisplatin  cisplatine  citrusfruit  cixutumumab  claudine 18.2  CLEAR  Clevers  clinical and genomic risk  clinical characteristics and outcomes  clinical features for prediction of survival  clinical meaningful outcomes  clinical trial enrollment  clinical trial participation  clinical trials  clinically N2 non-small cell lung cancer  CLL  CLL 2007 SA-studie  CLL in younger patients  CLL with coexisting conditions  CLL-IPI  CLL10  CLL2-BAG study  CLLM1-studie  CLM  CLND  clofarabine  CLOG1302-studie  clomid  clomifeen  clomifeencitraat  Clozel  CME  CML  CML-BP  CML-CP  CML-studie IV  CMM  CMML  CMSs  CMV-viremie  CN-AML  CNAs  CNBSS  CNS efficacy  CNS metastases  CNS metastasis  CNS response  CNS-DLBCL  CNS-lymfoom  CNS-metastasen  CNS-recidief HER2-tumoren  CNS-tumoren  CNS-tumoren; impact van behandelcentrum  cobas  cobimetinib  COBRA study  COBRA-score  coBRIM-studie  COG AALL0434  COG AALL0622-studie  COG AAML0631-studie  COG AREN0533-studie  COG-studie AAML0531  COG-studie AREN0532  cognitief functioneren  cognitieve disfunctie  cognitieve klachten  cognitieve veranderingen na chemotherapie  cognition  cognitive and neurobehavioral impairment  cognitive performance  colectomie  collider stratification bias  COLOFOL-studie  Cologuard  colon cancer  colon cancer drug metabolism  Colon Cancer Family Registry  colon cancer peritoneal recurrence  colon-NET  coloncarcinogenese  coloncarcinoom  colonkanker  colonoscopie  colonoscopy-based CRC screening  colorectaakanker  colorectaaladenomen  colorectaaladenoom  colorectaalcarcinoom  colorectaalkanker  colorectaalkankerscreening  colorectaalneoplasie  colorectaalpoliepen  colorectal  colorectal adenomas  colorectal cancer  colorectal cancer molecular subtypes  colorectal cancer mortality  colorectal carcinogenesis  colorectal liver metastases  colorectale chirurgie  colorectale levermetastasen  colorectale neoplasie  coloscopie  COLUMBUS trial  COMBI-AD studie  COMBI-AD study  COMBI-d studie  COMBI-MB studie  COMBI-v  CombiDT  combined BRAF- and MEK-inhibition plus PD-1 blockade  combined effect of breast density and BMI  combined modality treatment  combined-modality therapy  community jury  comorbiditeiten  comorbidities  comparative safety of ICIs  comparison Hong Kong and USA  complementaire en alternatieve behandelingen  complementary and alternative medications  complementary medicine  COMPLETE study  COMPOSE-studies  computationele pathologie  Computer-geassisteerde chirurgie  concomitant mutations  concomitant use  CONCORD-2  CONCORD-3  concurrent chemoradiotherapy  conditionele ziektevrije overleving  CONDOR trial  congestive heart failure  conjunctival melanoma  CONKO-004  connexine 30  consensus molecular subtypes  conservative management  CONSIGN  consolidation with WBRT or stem-cell transplantation  consoliderende radiotherapie  Consomic Xenograft Model  contemporary hormonal contraception  CONTINUUM-studie  contralateraal mammacarcinoom  contralateral breast cancer  contralaterale borstkanker  contralaterale mastectomie  contralaterale profylactische mastectomie  CONVERT-studie  CONVINCE-studie  COPD  copy number alteration screening  copy number loss  corpus uteri cancer  corticosteroïden  corticosteroids  cost-effectiveness  cost-effectiveness of CAR T-cell therapy  cost-effectiveness of intraoperative MRI  Costa RIca  Costa Rica HPV Vaccine Trial  cotinine  coxibs  CP-CML  CP-genen  CpG-B  CPI-613  CPIs  CPM  CPPT  CPX-351  CRA  craniotomie  CRBSI  CRC  CRC detection  CRC diagnosis  CRC incidence  CRC intrinsic subtypes  CRC liver metastases  CRC risk  CRC stage distribution  CRC survival  CRC survivors  CRC-biomarkers  CRC-diagnose  CRC-risico  CRC-screening  CRCD  CREATE-studie  crenigacestat  CRF  cribriform groeipatroon  CRICKET trial  crizotinib  CRLM  CRLX101  CRN  CROSS  CRP  CRP-niveau  CRPC  CRPC with bone metastases  CRS  CRS HIPEC  CRS-207  CRT  CRT versus CT  CSCC  CSCCs  CSM  CT  CT examinations  CT lung cancer screening  CT-longkankerscreening  CT-P10  CT-screening longkanker  cT1-2N0 breast cancer  cT1T2No OTSCC  CTCAE  CTCL  CTCs  ctDNA  CTLA-4  CTLA-4 blokkade  CTLC  CTP  CUDC-907  CUETO  CUP  curatie  current or former smoking  cutaan squameus celcarcinoom  cutaan squameus celcarcinoom van hoofd en hals  cutaan T-cel lymfoom  cutane bijwerkingen  cutaneous BCC  cutaneous HNSCC with regional lymph node metastasis  cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma  CUX1-ALK rearrangement  CVD  CVSS-studie  CXB  CXM  cycline D1  cyclofosfamide  cyclophosphamide  CYP3A  cyproteronacetaat  cyramza  cystectomie  cytarabine  CYTO-CHIP study  cytogenetisch normaal AML  cytokines  cytology testing  cytoreductive surgery  D-2-hydroxyglutaraat  D-Rd versus Rd  D-VCd  DA-EPOCH-R versus R-CHOP  dabrafenib  dabrafenib plus trametinib  dabrefenib plus trametinib  dacomitinib  DADI  DAFI  daily aspirin  daratumumab  darm-microbioom  darm-stamcellen  darmflora  darmkanker  darolutamide  DART S1609 neuroendocrine cohort  DART-studie  dasatinib  DATA-studie  David A. Karnofsky Memorial Award and Lecture  davoli  DAWN-studie  DAWT  DBCG 07-READ studie  DBMS  DC-CIK  DCE-MRI  DCF chemotherapy  DCIS  DCIS before age 50 years  DCIS grading  DCOG-LATER cohort  DCOG-LATER cohort study  DCOG-LATER studie  dd-chemotherapie  DDCT  de novo stage IV HER2-positive MBC  De-ESCALaTE HPV study  de-escalation of TKIs  Debio0932  Decipher  decision support system  decitabine  deep learning  definitive radiotherapy  degarelix  DEL  delirium  Denemarken  denosumab  dentaal trauma  depressie  depression  depth of response  dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans  desmoïd  DESTINY study  DESTINY-studie  detectie  Detectie borstkanker  detectie colorectaalkanker  detecting genomic biomarkers in plasma versus tissue  detection advanced neoplasia  detection bias  detection early-stage OPSCC  detection of CTCs during follow-up  detection of invasion of detrusor muscle  detection of mutations in ctDNA  detection of non-index lesions  detection of prostate cancer  detection of relapse  determinants of breast cancer risk  determinants of optimal adjuvant therapy  determinants of tumor cell PD-L1 expression  dexamethason  dexanethasone  dexrazoxane  DFP-10917  DHA  DHAP  DHL  diabetes  diabetes and cancer risk  diabetes mellitus  diagnose longcarcinoom  DICER1 pathogenic variants  diet qualiity  diet quality  dietary carbohydrate quality and human health  dietary fiber  dietary intake  dietary supplement use  differences in treatment outcomes  differential ribosome measurements of codon reading  differentiated thyroid cancer  difficult patients  diffuse large B cell lymphoma  diffuse large B-cell lymphoma  diffuse large B-cell lymphoma-specific mortality  Diffuse optical spectroscopic imaging  diffuse type TGCT  diffuse-type giant cell tumor  diffuus grootcellig B-cel lymfoom  diffuus intrinsiek ponsglioom  digital breast tomosynthesis  digital breast tomosythesis  digital screening mammografie  digoxine  DII  DIPG  DIPG-BATS studie  direct-acting antivirals  discontinuation imatinib for CML in children  discontinuation of anti-PD-1 antibody therapy  disease-free survival  distal cholangiocarcinoma  distal rectal cancer  distale pancreatectomie  distant disease-specific survival  distant metastatic breast cancer  distant recurrence of breast cancer  distress  Distress Thermometer  DLBCL  DMFS  dMMR CC  dMMR PDAC  DN  DNA damage immune response  DNA promoter-hypermethylering  DNA-methylering  DNA-test  DNMT3A-mutatie  docetaxel  documentaire  doelgerichte behandeling  donor clonal hematopoiesis  DoR  dormancy-genen  dosisescalatie  DOT1L  double expressor DLBCL  DOVIGIST-studie  doxorubicin delivery from ultrasound-triggered liposomes  doxorubicine  DPYD genotyping  DPYD*2A variant carrying cancer patients  droge mond  droplet digital PCR  drug response predictor  drug-drug interactions  DSMM XI-studie  DSRCT  dt-GCT  DTC  DTCs  ductaal carcinoom in situ  ductal carcinoma in situ  dunne-darmadenocarcinoom  dunne-darmneoplasie  DUO study  duration of adjuvant trastuzumab  duration of response  durvalumab  dutasteride  Dutch Bone Metastasis Study  duvelisib  DYNAMO study  DYPD genotyping  dysfagie  dyslipidemia  dyspnoe  e-sigaretten  E2F8  E3805-studie  E3A06 study  E3N  E3N cohort  E4  E5103 study  E75  EA  EAC  early AYAs  early breast cancer  early cancer surveillance  early diagnosis  early metabolic response  early mortality  early noninvasive detection of response  early onset CRC  early onset female cancer survivors  early phase ICI-trials  early recurrence  early stage breast cancer  early thymic precursor acuut lymfoblastische leukemie  early thymic precursor-like phenotype ALL  early-life alcohol intake  early-onset colorectal cancer  early-onset familial breast cancer  early-onset severe infections  early-stage breast cancer  early-stage endometrial cancer  early-stage Hodgkin lymphoma  early-stage lung cancer  early-stage non-small cell lung cancer  early-stage pediatric HL  EBV  EC  ECD  Echelon-1 studie  ECHELON-1 study  ECHELON-2 study  ECHO-202 KEYNOTE-037  ECOG PS 2  ECOG-ACRIN 2511 study  ECOG-ACRIN E1912 study  ECOG-PS  economic evaluation  ECX)  Edinburgh Pain Assessment and management Tool  educational level  één-maands mortaliteit  eenarmige versus gerandomiseerde fase 2-studies  eerdere kanker  EF-14  EFVPTC  EGFR  EGFR mutated NSCLC  EGFR T790M  EGFR T790M-positive NSCLC in elderly patients  EGFR-blokkade  EGFR-mutant and MET-amplified NSCLC  EGFR-mutant lung adenocarcinoma  EGFR-mutant non-small cell lung cancer  EGFR-mutant NSCLC  EGFR-mutant NSCLC with liver metastases  EGFR-mutated lung adenocarcinoma  EGFR-mutated NSCLC  EGFR-mutatie  EGFR-mutaties  EGFR-TKI  EGFR-TKIs  EGFR+ and ALK+ NSCLC  EHCC  eierstokkanker  eiwitbiomarkers  ELCC 2017  elderly cancer patients  elderly patients  electric power morcellation  elevated vitamin B12 levels  Eliasof  ELOQUENT-3 study  elotuzumab  ELRP  ELSA  eltrombopag  ELTS-score  emactuzumab  EMBRACA study  EMBRACA-studie  EMBRACE-studie  embryonale hersentumoren  EMD  EMERGING-CTONG 1103 study  emesis  EMILIA  emotionele uitputting  EMT  EMVI  encorafenib  ENCORE-601 study  end-of-life care  end-of-life zorg  ENDEAVOR-studie  endocriene behandeling  endocriene effecten  endocriene therapie  endocrine deficiency  endocrine diseases  endocrine therapy  endocrine therapy for breast cancer  endocrine treatment  endometrial ancer  endometrial cancer  endometrioïd endometriumcarcinoom  endometrioïd epitheliaal ovariumcarcinoom  endometrium-adenocarcinoom  endometriumcarcinoom  endometriumkanker  EndoPredict  endotheliaal ovariumcarcinoom  ENDS  energetic capacity  ENESTfreedom  enfortumab vedotin  ENGOT-OV16 NOVA study  ENGOT-OV16 NOVA trial  enhanced recovery after surgery  enhancer of zeste homolog 2  ENITEC consortium  ENKTL  entecavir  enterovirus  entrectinib  Environmental Quality Index  enzalutamide  enzalutamide for castration-resistant prostate cancer  ENZAMET study  enzastaurine  EOC  EOPM  EORTC  EORTC 10995  EORTC 1325 Keynote-054 studie  EORTC 18071  EORTC 22922 10925-studie  EORTC 22952-26001 trial exploratory analysis  EPA  epacadostat  EpCAM-positieve tumoren  ependymoom  EPHOS-B  epi-drugs  EPIC  EPIC-analyse  EPIC-NL  EPICAP-studie  epidural use  epidurale metastasen  epigenetic editing  epigenetische stabiliteit  epigenetische veranderingen  epirubicin  epitheliaal ovariumcarcinoom  epithelial ovarian cancer  epithelial ovarian cancer risk  epithelial ovarian cancer survivors  Epitopes-HPV02 ancillary study  Epitopes-HPV02 study  EPOC  Epstein-Barr virus-geïnduceerde lymfoproliferatieve ziekte  EQoL-MDS  ER status  ER- en PR-testen  ER-negatief mammacarcinoom  ER-negatieve borstkanker  ER-negatieve tumoren  ER-positief HER2-negatief gevorderd mammacarcinoom  ER-positief mammacarcinoom  ER-positieve borstkanker  ER-positive advanced breast cancer  ER-positive breast cancer  ER-positive HER2-negative breast cancer  ER+ HER2-  ER+ HER2- BC  ERA 223 study  ERAS  ERBB2 HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer  ERBB2 mutations in solid tumors  ERBB2 plasma copy number  Erdheim-Chester disease  erfelijke borst- en eierstokkanker  erfelijke syndromen  erfelijkheid  eribulin  eribuline  ErkentNIS  erlotinib  ersatzdroge  Erβ1  Erβ2  ES-NSCLC  ES-SCLC  ESCC  ESCC detection by microRNA profiling  ESD  ESGC  ESHAP  ESMO  esomeprazole  esophageal adenocarcinoma  esophageal and GEJ adenocarcinoma  esophageal cancer  esophagogastric cancer surgery  ESR1-amplificatie  estetrol  esthesioneuroblastoom  esthetische uitkomst  estrogen monotherapy  ET  etirinotecan pegol  etnische diversiteit  ETP-ALL LBL  ETS  EU-regelgeving  EURECCA  Euro-E.W.I.N.G.99  Euro-Ski  EURO-SKI studie  EUROCARE-5  European cancer mortality  European Code against Cancer  Europese kankermortaliteit  EURTAC  EUTOS  EV-201 study  EV-assay  EVAN study  everolimus  everolimus plus exemestane for postmenopausal HR+ HER2- advanced breast cancer  everolimus plus pazopanib  everyday clinical practice  evofosfamide  Ewing sarcoma  Ewing sarcoom  Ewing-2008  ex vivo IFNγ production  exceptional responder  EXCITE-studie  exemestaan  exemestaan plus everolimus  exemstaan  exercise intervention in cancer patients  exercise versus usual care  exhaled breath tests  exome sequencing-based screening  exosomen  expansie van fase 1-studie PCD4989g  Exploratieve analyse MARQUEE-studie  exposoom  expressie stromagenen in CRC  EXPRESSION III-studie  extended follow-up of PALOMA-2 study  EXteNET  ExteNET-studie  extensive stage  extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer  external beam radiation therapy  extracapsular extension in sentinel node  extrahepatisch cholangiocarcinoom  extranodal natural killer T-cell lymphoma  extranodale extensie  extrapleural pneumonectomy  EZH2  FACE  facial nerve function  facial-aging app  facility volume  factors predicting invasive breast cancer recurrence  FALCON  false positive FIT  familair mammacarcinoom  familiaal colorectaalcarcinoom  familiaal risico  familiaire adenomateuze polyposis  familiaire adenomateuze popyposis  familial platelet disorder  familiale adenomateuze polyposis  familiegeschiedenis  familiegeschiedenis prostaatkanker  family history  family history of breast cancer  family history of cancer  fase 2-studie BOLERO-4  fase 2-studie BOLERO-6  fase 2-studie KEYNOTE-224  Fase 2-studie SWOG S0801  fase 3- studie DREAM  fase 3-studie AURA3  fase 3-studie BrighTNess  fase 3-studie COLUMBUS  Fase 3-studie CRITICS  fase 3-studie ETNA  fase 3-studie FATA-GIM3  fase 3-studie GEC-ESTRO  Fase 3-studie KEYNOTE-045  fase 3-studie METEOR  Fase 3-studie MONALEESA-3  fase 3-studie MONALEESA-7  fase 3-studie NETTER-1  Fase 3-studie PERSEPHONE  fase 3-studie PRODRIGE 9  Fase 3-studie SAKK 75 08  Fase 3-studie SWOG S9921  fase 3-studie TROG 05.01  fase 3-studies  fatal ICI-associated toxic effects  fatalisme  fatigue  fatigue in cancer patients  FCR  FCT  FDG-PET  FDG-PET CT  FDG-PET scanning  febriele neutropenie  fecale immunochemische test  female breast cancer risk  fentanyl  fentanyl sublinguale spray  fenylketonurie hyperfenylalaninemie  fermented dairy foods  fertiliteitspreservatie  fertility drugs  fertility treatment  FGFRs  FH02 study  FHWT  FIA  FIGHTDIGO-studie  fijne motoriek  fijnstof  FIL-HD0801 study  Finale analyse FIRST-studie  finale analyse van GOG 240-studie  finale overlevingsresultaten van KEYNOTE-006  financiële toxiciteit  finasteride  fine-needle biopsy  FinXX-studie  FIR-studie  FIRE-3  firefighters  FIRES  first line therapy  first-degree relatives of pancreas cancer patients  first-line CLL treatment  first-line pembrolizumab  first-line pembrolizumab for advanced NSCLC with low PD-L1 expression  FIRSTANA-studie  FIT  FIT cohort  FIT screening  FIT-detection of advanced colorectal neoplasia  FIT-screening  fitheid  fitness  five miRNA-model  five-miRNA based classifier  five-year PROs  five-year survival outcomes  fixed duration of venetoclax-rituximab  FKBPL  FL  FLAURA study  FLAURA-studie  flavonoïden  flexibele sigmoïdoscopie  flexibele-sigmoïdoscopie  FLOT4 study  FLOT4-studie  FLT3-ITD positive AML  fludarabine  FLUOGLIO-studie  fluoropyrimidine therapy  fluoropyrimidines  fluoroscopie  FLYER study  FNMTC  focal adhesion kinase  FOCUS-cohort  FOLFIRI  FOLFIRINOX  FOLFOX  FOLFOX4  FOLFOXIRI  foliumzuur  FOLL05-studie  folliculair lymfoom  follicular lymphoma  Follow-up analyse van CheckMate 067-studie  follow-up analyse van JFMC34-0601  follow-up van overlevers  formaldehyde  FOrMAT-studie  fosaprepitant  fosaprepitant meglumine  fotofarmacologie  FOXA1-expressie  FOXA2  FOXC1  FPD AML  fracturen  fractuurrisico  fragiele ouderen  fragiliteit  frequent cystoscopy  FRESCO study  fresolimumab  front-line ibrutinib for CLL patient populations not included in RESONATE-2  frontline targeted therapy plus low-intensity chemotherapy  frontline therapy for AML in elderly patients  fruit  fruit and vegetable consumption  fruquintinib  FSRT  FSS versus RS  FTD versus HD-MA  FTL3-mutatie  fulvestrant  fulvestrant versus AIs  FUS-ERG and RUNX1-CBFA2T3  fusion gene  Fusobacterium nucleatum  fysieke activiteit  G-CSF support  G-CSFs  G84E  gain-of-function mutatie  gait speed  galactography  galblaascarcinoom  galeterone  gallium-68 labelled PSMA-11 PET  GALLIUM-studie  galunisertib  galwegcarcinoom  gamma knife radiosurgery  ganglioside-monosialic acid  ganitumab  GARD  gastric adenocarcinoma  gastric cancer  gastric or gastro-esophageal junction cancer  gastric or gastroesophageal junction cancer  gastric or GEJ adenocarcinoma  gastro-intestinale mucositis  gastro-intestinale stromale tumoren  gastro-oesofagaal adenomcarcinoom  gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma  gastrointestinal stromal tumor  gastrointestinal stromal tumors  gastroïntestinale kanker  gastroïntestinale stromale tumoren  Gattelli  GAUDI  GBC  GBCA  GBM  GBM in elderly patients  GBS  GBSM  GBV-C  GC  GC1008  GCA  GCC  GCT  GCTB  GCTs  GD  GDP  GEC  GeDDiS-studie  gedifferentieerd schildkliercarcinoom  gedissemineerde tumorcellen  gefitinib  gefitinib continuation after progression  GEICAM 2010-04 study  gelokaliseerd prostaatcarcinoom  GEM  gemcitabine  gemcitabine plus cisplatin induction chemotherapy  gemcitabineresistentie  gemetastaseerd mammacarcinoom  gemetastaseerd melanoom  gemetastaseerde borstkanker  gemetastaseerde borstkanker; trastuzumab  gemetastaseerde colorectaalkanker  gemtuzumab ozogamicin  gemtuzumab ozogamicine  gender differences  geneesmiddelinteracties  Generations Study  genetic prognostic and predictive factors  genetic testing  genexpressie  genito-urinaire maligniteiten  genmethylering  genome sequencing  genome-wide association study  genome-wide diet-gene interaction  genomic biomarkers predicting anti-PD-(L)1 response  genomic profiling  genotyping lung adenocarcinoma  genvarianten  GEP-NETs  GeparNuevo study  GeparQuattro-studie  GeparSepto  GeparSepto long-term outcomes  GeparSixto trial  gepegyleerd liposomaal doxorubicine  gerandomiseerde fase 2-studie PrE0102  GERD treatment  Gerecke  geriatirc patients  Geriatric Prognostic Indicator  germ cell tumors  germline BARD1 gene variants  germline BRCA-mutated metastatic pancreatic cancer  germline mutaties  germline mutations  geserreerde poliepen  geslachtshormonen  gestation and birthweight of offspring  gestationele trofoblasttumor  gevorderd cervixcarcinoom  gevorderd maag-adenocarcinoom  gevorderd melanoom  gevorderd niercelcarcinoom  gevorderde borstkanker  gevorderde maagkanker  geweichtsverlies  gezondheidsutiliteitsindex  gFOBT  GFR  GFR; niercelcarcinoom; urotheelcarcinoom  GHSG HD13-15 trials  gilteritinib  GIST  GLARIUS-studie  glasdegib  Gleason score 9-10 prostate cancer  glembatumumab vedotin  glioblastoma  glioblastoma multiforme  glioblastoma with methylated MGMT promoter  glioblastoom  glioma  gliomas  gliomen  glioom  glitazonen  Global Burden of Cancer  glottic squamous cell carcinoma  glucocorticoid treatment  glucose lowering drugs  GLUT-  GLUT-14  glutathion-S-transferase P1  glycaan-gerelateerde genen  glypicaan-1  GM-CSF  GNCC  GnHRa  GnRH-agonist  GO  GOG-0213 studie  GOG-0218 studie  GOG-0277  Golestan Cohort Study  gonadotropine  Google Translate  GORTEC 2007-01 studie  gosereline  GOYA-studie  graft failure  graft versus host disease  graft-versus-host disease  GRASPA  GRECCAR 2-studie  grijpkrachtverlies  grip strength  groeicurves naevi  groeisnelheid  groenten  groentenconsumptie  grootcellig granulair lymfocytaire leukemie  grootcellig neuro-endocrien longcarcinoom  grootte van lymfekliermetastasen  grote-korrel lymfocyten leukemie  growth hormone deficiency  growth rate of untreated hemangioblastomas  GSK2857916  GU-toxiciteit  guadecitabine  guanylaatcyclase  GVAX pancreas  GVHD  GWAS  gynecological brain metastases  gynecologische maligniteiten  haarverlies  HAI  HAIC  hairy cell leukemia  hairy-cell leukemie  hallmarks of cancer  HALO 202-studie  Ham-Wasserman lecture  Hamilton Fairley Award  hand-voet huidreacties  hand-voet syndroom  hand-voetsyndroom  HannaH study final analysis  haplo-HSCT  haplo-HSCT versus chemotherapy  haplo-identieke HSCT  haplo-SCT  haploidentical; sibling; matched unrelated donor  HART  hartfalen  hartfalen na auto-HCT  HBOC  HBV-related HCC  HBV-related HCC risk  HBV-vaccinatie  HC  hcc  HCC overall survival  HCT  HCV  HD IL-2  HD12 study  HD18-studie  HD9 study  HDAC inhibition  HDR-brachytherapie  head and neck cancer  head and neck cancer risk after hematologic cancer  head and neck procedures  head and neck squamous cell carcinoma  health maintenance practices  Health Professionals Follow-up Study  health-related quality of life  healthy immigrant effect  healthy older adults  heavy smokers  hedgehog-signaalroute  heldercellig niercelcarcinoom  heldercellig ovariumcarcinoom  Helicobacter pylori  HELIOS study  hematologic malignancies in older patients  hematologic malignant neoplasms  hematologische maligniteiten  hematopoietic stem cell transplantation  hematopoïetische celtransplantatie  hepatitis B virus infection  hepatitis B-virus  hepatitis C  hepatocallular carcinoma  hepatocellulair carcinoom  hepatocellular carcinoma  hepatocellular carcinoma with portal vein invasion  hepatospleen T-cel lymfoom  hepatotoxiciteit  hepatotoxicity  HER2  HER2 amplification  HER2 exon 20 insertions  HER2 pro-oncogene signalering  HER2-amplified mCRC  HER2-expressie  HER2-expressing cancers  HER2-gedreven NSCLC  HER2-mutant lung cancer  HER2-negatief mammacarcinoom  HER2-negatieve borstkanker  HER2-negatieve MBC  HER2-negative  HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer  HER2-overexpressing breast cancer  HER2-positief mammacarcinoom  HER2-positief metastatisch mammacarcinoom  HER2-positieve borstkanker  HER2-positieve vroege borstkanker  HER2-positive breast cancer  HER2-positive breast cancer with brain metastases  HER2-positive early breast cancer  HER2-positive localized breast cancer  HER2-positive MBC  HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer  HER2-positive salivary duct carcinoma  HER2-scoringsysteem  HER2-screening  HER2-targeted CAR T cell therapy  HER2-targeted therapies  HER2-targeted therapy  HER2+ BC  HER2+ breast cancer  HER3-mutant mammacarcinoom  HERA  HERBY-studie  herceptin  herceptin-biosimilar  herceptine  Heritage  heropname  hersenmetastasen  hersenmetastasen mammacarcinoom  hersenmetastasering  hersenmicrobloedingen  hersentumoren  Heterocephalus glaber  heterogeneity between SEER counties  HF-WBI  HFSRT  HGG  HGS OC  HGSOC  HIFU  high risk locally advanced rectal cancer  high risk melanoma  high sensitivity C reactive protein  high-dose-rate brachytherapy  high-grade glioma  high-grade prostate cancer  high-intensity focused ultrasound  high-intermediate and high risk early stage EC  high-mobility group box 1  High-molecular-mass hyaluronan  high-risk ALL in children  high-risk breast cancer  high-risk endometrial cancer  high-risk luminal breast cancer  high-risk melanoma  high-risk neuroblastoma  high-risk prostate cancer  high-risk smoldering multiple myeloma  high-risk uveal melanoma  HIIT  HiLo trial  HIPEC  HIPEC + CS  histological biomarkers  histologische regressie  histopathologic features  HIV  HIV AIDS  HIV infection  HIV-associated Kaposi sarcoma  HIV-infection  HL  HL-behandeling  HLA antigen mismatch  hMPV  HMR 2.0  HNC  HNCs  HNSCC  HNSCC surgery  Hodgkin lymfoom  Hodgkin lymphoma  Hodgkin's lymfoom  Hodgkin’s lymphoma  hofd-hals Merkel celcarcinoom  hoge dosering chemotherapie  Hokusai VTE-Cancer studie  homeobox B13  homocysteïne  homologous recombination deficiency  hoofd hals squameus celcarcinoom  hoofd halscarcinoom  hoofd halskanker  hoofd-hals melanoom  hoofd-hals squameus celcarcinoom  hoofd-halscarcinoom  hoofd-halskanker  hoofdhuidkoeling  hoog-risico B-ALL  hoog-risico cervixcarcinoom  hoog-risico CML  hoog-risico melanoom  hooggradig sereus ovariumcarcinoom  horizontale transfer  hormonal therapy  hormoonreceptor positieve borstkanker  hormoontherapie  hospital volume  hospitalisatie  hospitalization  hot flashes  HOVON 105 ALLG NHL 24  How Long studie  HP SCC  HPC-SFT  HPD  HPTC  HPV  HPV ctDNA  HPV DNA in penile cancer and intraepithelial neoplasia  HPV DNA persistence  HPV status  HPV types 16 18 in cervical precancers  HPV-16 18 vaccin  HPV-associated epithelial cancers  HPV-FOCAL trial  HPV-infectie  HPV-negative HNSCC  HPV-orofarynxcarcinoom  HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer  HPV-typen  HPV-vaccinatie  HPV16-related cancerISA101  HR-deficiëntie  HR-NB  HR-NL81 SIOPEN  HR-positief mammacarcinoom  HR-positief metastatisch mammacarcinoom  HR-positive advanced postmenopausal breast cancer  HR-positive breast cancer  HR-positive early-stage breast cancer  HR-positive HER2-negative advanced breast cancer  HR-positive metastatic breast cancer  HR-status  HR+ HER2- vroeg-stadium mammacarcinoom  HR+ HER2+ breast cancer  HR+ MBC  HRBOC  HRQoL  HRQOL in prostate cancer  HRT  HRT versus CRT  HSC  HSCT  HSCT-bijwerkingen  Hsp70  HT  hTERT-DCs  hu3F8  huidkanker  huidkankerscreening  huidmaligniteit  huidneoplasmen  huisartsenzorg  humaan papillomavirus  human equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1  human readers versus machine-learning algorithms  hybrid minimally invasive esophagectomy  hyperbaric oxygen therapy  hypercalcaemia of malignancy  hypercalcemie  hyperemesis gravidarum  hyperprogressive disease  hyperproliferatie van stamcellen  hypertensie  hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy plus cytoreductive surgery  hyperthermische intraperitoneale chemoperfusie  hypervascular intracranial tumors  hypodiploid ALL in children  hypofarynxcarcinoom  hypofractionated IMRT  hypofractionated postmastectomy radiotherapy  hypofractionated versus conventionally fractionated whole-breast irradiation  hyponatremie  HYPOR  HYPRO  i-ALCL  iAMP21  IARC  IBC  IBCSG 23-01 trial  IBD  IBIS II  IBIS-I  IBM Watson  IBR  ibrutinib  ibrutinib discontinuation  ibrutinib plus fludarabine  ibrutinib plus palbociclib  ibrutinib plus venetoclax  ibrutinib versus ofatumamab  ibuprofen  ICC  ICI treatment  ICIs  ICIs plus chemotherapy  ICON6-studie  ICON8-studie  ICPi  ICU-opname  iddEPC-studie  IDEA-collaboration  idelalisib  IDH mutation  IDH1-expressie  idiopathische membraneuze nefropathie  idiopatische MCD  Idylla  IELSG-19 studie  IELSG32-studie  IES  IFD  IFG  IFM 2009  IFN-onderhoudsbehandeling  IFRT  IGBT  IGF-1  IGF-1R expressie  IGF2-AS  IGT  IHCA  IHCC  IIIA-N2 NSCLC  ijzersuppletie  IKFZ1-deletie  IKFZ1-deletion  IKZF1-deletie  IL-6  IL-8  ILC  illness perception and outcomes in cancer  iLLUMINATE study  image-guided intensity modulated radiation therapy  Imaging  imaging surveillance  IMAJEM-studie  imatinib  imetelstat  IMiDs  imiquimod  immediate vs deferred cytoreductive nephrectomy  IMmotion 151-studie  IMmotion151 trial  immune checkpoint blockade  immune checkpoint inhibition  Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor  immune checkpoint inhibitors  immune markers of nivolumab response  immune-mediated diarrhea and colitis  immune-related adverse events  immunocheckpoint blockade  immunochemottherapy  immunoglobuline lichte-keten amyloïdose  immunophenotyping of TILs and PBLs  immunosuppressive therapy for management of MDS  immunotherapy  immunotherapy-related pruritus  immutherapy  immuuncheckpointremmers  immuunrespons  immuunsuppressie  immuuntherapie  IMPAC  IMPACT  impact of adjuvant regimes  impact of age  impact of antibiotics  impact of attending surgeon  impact of conditioning intensity  impact of detailed family history  impact of diet  impact of disease stage  impact of ER status on survival  impact of HIV infection  impact of hormone receptor status  impact of pre-existing CVD on mortality  impact of pregnancy on genomic landscape  impact of primary tumor surgery  impact of prior therapy  impact on outcomes  impact on survival  IMPACT-studie  IMPACT2  IMpassion130 study  IMpassion130 trial  IMPATTO study  IMPORT LOW study  IMpower130 trial  IMpower133 Study  IMpower150 study  IMpower150-studie  IMPRESS-studie  IMPROVE study  IMPT  IMRT  IMT  IMvigor211-studie  in situ mammacarcinoom  incidence  incidence of pneumonitis  incidence trends  incident cancer risk  incidental pulmonary embolism in cancer patients  incidentally found pediatric brain tumors  incidentie  incidentie mammacarcinoom USA  increased α-fetoprotein  increasing dose intensity of chemotherapy  INDAR  independence  indeterminate pulmonary nodules  individual oncogenic HPV types  individual patient-level analysis  indolent lymfoom  indolent mammacarcinoom  indoor tanning  inductie-chemoradiatie  inductiechemotherapie  induction chemotherapy  infants  infectie  infigratinib  inflammatie  Inflammatoir mammacarcinoom  inflammatoire voeding  inflammatory bowel disease  inflammatory markers  influenza vaccination  influenzavaccinatie  infradiaphragmatic disease  inhaled corticosteroids  INHANCE-consortium  iNHL  iniparib  INITIATE study  iNNOVATE  iNNOVATE-studie  InnovaTV 201 study  INO-VATE studie  inotuzumab ozogamicin  INSIGHT-studie  inspanning  Institute of Cancer Research  insulin resistance  insulin-like growth factor  insulinemie  insulineresistentie  intake of whole grains and dietary fiber  INTEGRATE  INTENS-studie  intense androgen deprivation before prostatectomy  intensieve chemotherapie  inter- and intra-laboratory variation  Intergroup Exemestane Study  intermediate recurrence score  intermediate- or high-risk GIST  intermediate-risk AML  intermittent nivolumab  intermittent versus continous PEG-asparaginase  intermitterende claudicatie  International Breast Cancer Intervention Study I  International Childhood Cancer Cohort Consortium  International Male BC Program  international variation in radiation dose  internet-steunprogramma's  interval cancers  intervalcarcinomen  intervals to diagnosis  intra-tumor heterogeniteit  intracraniaal ependymoom  intraductale papillaire mucineuze neoplasie  intraductale papillaire mucineuze neoplasmen  intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma  intrahepatisch cholangiocarcinoom  intraoperative peritoneal lavage  intraperitoneale chemotherapie  intratumorale genetische heterogeniteit  intratumorale genoomdiversiteit  intrauterine devices  intravitale microscopie  intrinsic subtype analysis of BOLERO-2  intrinsiek subtype  intrinsieke subtypes  intrinsieke subtypes mammacarcinoom  invasieve borstkanker  invloed behandelcentrum op overleving  ioniserende straling  iontoforese  IORT  IOTA5 study  ipatasertib  ipilimumab  ipilimumab plus nivolumab  ipilimumab versus pembrolizumab  IPMN  ipsilateral breast event  IPTT  irAEs  IRd  IRE  irinotecan  irinotecan dose  IRIS  isatuximab  iscocitraatdehydrogenase  isocitraatdehydrogenaseremmer  Italiaanse cultuur  ITOMIC-001 studie  IV versus IP chemotherapy plus bevacizumab  IVF  IWDD  ixazomib  ixazomib maintenance  ixazomib of placebo toegevoegd aan lenalidomide-dexamethason  J-ALEX studie  JACC-studie  JACCRO GC-07 study  JACOB study  JAKARTA-2 studie  jandus  Janus Cohort  JAVELIN Lung 200 study  JAVELIN Merkel 200-studie deel B  JAVELIN ovarian cancer cohort  JAVELIN Renal 100-studie  JAVELIN Renal 101 study  JAVELIN Solid Tumor studie  JAVELIN Solid Tumor trial  JAVELIN Solid Tumor trial mesothelioma cohort  JCOG0203 trial  JCOG0504-studie  JCOG0910-studie  JCOG1001-studie  JFMC37-0801 study  JGO  job-exposure matrices  jodium-131  JPHC nested case-control study  JULIET-studie  kanker  kanker bij kinderen  kanker-immunotherapie  kankerchirurgie  kankerincidentie  kankermortaliteit  kankermortaliteit 2015  kankerpijn  kankerrisico  kankerrrisico  kankersterfte  kankersubtypes  KATHERINE study  katheter  KC  KDD  keratinocytcarcinoom  keratinocyte carcinoma  Keratinocyte Carcinoma Chemoprevention Trial  kerncentrales  ketotifen  KEYNOTE-001  KEYNOTE-001 (secundaire analyse)  KEYNOTE-001 study  KEYNOTE-010  KEYNOTE-012  KEYNOTE-017 study  KEYNOTE-020  KEYNOTE-021  KEYNOTE-021 study  KEYNOTE-024  KEYNOTE-028  KEYNOTE-028 and -158 pooled analysis  KEYNOTE-028 studie  KEYNOTE-028 study  KEYNOTE-029  KEYNOTE-029 studie  KEYNOTE-040 study  KEYNOTE-042 study  KEYNOTE-045  KEYNOTE-052 studie  KEYNOTE-055  KEYNOTE-059 studie  KEYNOTE-061 studie  KEYNOTE-086 cohort A  KEYNOTE-086 cohort B  KEYNOTE-087  KEYNOTE-100 study  KEYNOTE-158 study  KEYNOTE-164 studie cohort B  KEYNOTE-180 study  KEYNOTE-181  KEYNOTE-189 studie  KEYNOTE-240 study  KEYNOTE-407  KEYNOTE-426 study  KEYNOTE-427 study cohort B  Khorana-score  Ki-67  Ki67  kidney stones and risk of RCC and UTUC  kidney transplant recipients  kiemceltumor  kiemceltumoren  kinaseremmers  kinderkanker  KIT  klachten aromataseremmers  KLASS-01 studie  klassiek Hodgkin lymfoom  klein lymfocytair lymfoom  kleincellig longcarcinoom  kleincellig prostaatcarcinoom  kleincellige longkanker  kliernegatief mammacarcinoom  klierpositief mammacarcinoom  koffie  koffieconsumptie  kosten behandeling HER2-positief MBC  kosten van gezondheidszorg  kosteneffectiviteit hematologische middelen  kosteneffectiviteit screening  KP-BSI  KRAS  KRAS mutation  KRAS-mutatie  KRAS-mutaties  KRISTINE study  KRISTINE-studie  KS  KSHV-transmissie  kwaliteit van leven  L-COSY  LA-ESCC  LA-HNSCC  LA-NSCLC  laag-moleculairgewicht heparine  laag-vet voeding  laaggradig glioom  laaggradig niet-spierinvasief urotheelcarcinoom  laaggradig sereus ovarium- of peritoneaal carcinoom  laat recidief coloncarcinoom  LABC  LACE-Bio studies  LACE-Bio-II study  LACE-studie  LAcSCC  LADG  LAFA-studie  LAHNC  LAM  LAM-SA 2007 study  Lancet Haematology  Lange-termijn analyse van SBG 2004-1 studie  lange-termijn follow-up van KEYNOTE-001  lange-termijn uitkomsten GeparQuinto  langerhanscel histiocytose  LAP07  laparoscopic versus open distal gastrectomy  laparoscopic versus open surgery  laparoscopie  laparoscopische chirurgie  laparoscopische hysterectomie  laparoscopische ingreep  laparoscopische resectie  lapatinib  LAPC  LARC  large brain metastases  laryngectomy  laryngectomy outcomes  larynxcarcinoom  larynxkanker  larynxpreservatie  Lasker Award  late lower cranial neuropathy  late mortaliteit  late recurrence  late recurrence after liver resection  Lateral Node Study  LATITUDE study  LATITUDE-studie  LAVC  LCH  LCL161  LCNEC  LCS-6 KRAS  LE  LEA-studie  LEBS  leefstijl  leefstijl-geassocieerde maligniteit  leefstijlfactoren  leefstijlinterventies  leeftijd  left lung cancer  leighl  leiomyomatose  leiomyosarcoom  lenalidomide  lenalidomide maintenance versus observation  lenalidomide plus rituximab  lenvatinib  lenvatinib plus pembrolizumab  leptomeningeal disease in metastatic melanoma patients  leptomeningeal disease recurrence  leptomeningeal metastases from NSCLC  leptomeningeale ziekte  letrozol  letrozole  letrozole for early breast cancer  leucine-rich repeating G-protein-coupled receptor 5  leukemia  leukemia cutis  leukemie  leukemie in kinderen  leukocyt-telomeerlengte  leukocytenattractie  leukocytosis  leumie  levensverwachting  levercarcinoom  levercelcarcinoom  levercelkanker  leverfunctie  leverkanker  levermetastasen  LFS  LGG  LGG before one year of age  LGSC  Li-Fraumeni syndrome  Li-Fraumeni syndroom  lichaamsgewicht  lichaamslengte  lichaamsomvang  lichaamsvet  lichaamsvetgehalte  lichte keten-geassocieerd Fanconi syndroom  lidocaïne  lieu  lifestyle  lifestyle intervention  ligating veins first versus arteries first  LINC00472  linsitinib  lip-SCC  LIPI  liposarcoom  lipoxygenases  liquid biopsy  liquide biopten  LITT  liver cancer  liver cancer mortality  liver cancer risk  liver metastatic breast cancer  LLPCa  LM  LMB-2  LMR  LNC-PATH score  lncRNAs  lobectomie  lobulair carcinoom in situ  lobulair mammacarcinoom  local consolidative therapy  local recurrence  local therapy  localized prostate cancer  localized renal cell carcinoma  localizing recurrent prostate cancer  locally advanced cervical cancer  locally advanced gastric cancer  locally advanced lung cancer  locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer  locally advanced pancreatic cander  locally advanced prostate cancer  locally recurrent or metastatic HER2-positive breast cancer  locatie  locatie van overlijden  locoregionaal recidief  Locoregional recurrent rhabdomyosarcome  locoregionale behandeling  LOH  lokaaal-gevorderd rectumcarcinoom  lokaal gevorderd prostaatcarcinoom  lokaal gevorderd rectumcarcinoom  lokaal recidiverend mammacarcinoom  lokaal-gevorderd hoofd-halscarcinoom  lokaal-gevorderd metastatisch mammacarcinoom  lokaal-gevorderd rectumcarcinoom  lomustine  lomustine plus temozolomide  long-term disease-free breast cancer survivors  long-term follow-up  long-term follow-up BIG 1-98 trial  long-term follow-up KEYNOTE-012  long-term health outcomes  long-term outcomes  long-term results OlympiAD study  long-term risk of endocrine and metabolic diseases  long-term risk of hospitalization  long-term somatic disease risk  long-term survival  long-term survivors NHL  long-term survivos of childhood cancer  long-term thyroid cancer risk  longadenocarcinoom  longcarcinoom  longer intervals after negative low-dose CT result  longfunctie  longkanker  longkanker-screening  longkankerchirurgie  longkankerscreening  longmetastasen  lorlatinib  loss of life expectancy  LOTUS-studie  low cT3 4 rectal cancer  low dose radioiodine ablation  low grade and anaplastic glioma  low grade glioma  low-dose aspirin  low-grade glioma in children  low-intensity chemotherapy  low-risk prostate cancer  LP  LPHL  LPPG  LPS  LR-HL  LRBC  LRC  LRR  LS  LS-SCLC  LTL  LTLD  LUAD  LUME-Meso studie  luminal B  LUNA-studie  lung adenocarcinoma  lung and colorectal cancer  lung cancer  lung cancer mortality  lung cancer risk  lung cancer screening  lung cancer screening efficacy  lung cancer surgery  lung cancer survivors  LUNGSTAR  LuPSMA  LuPSMA-studie  lurbinectedin  lutathera  LUX-Lung3; LUX-Lung6  LV-V5  LY3039478  lycopeen  LYM-3002  LYM-3002 study  lymfadenectomie  lymfekliermetastasen  lymfeklierpositiviteit  lymfoblastisch non-Hodgkin lymfoom  lymfocyten  lymfocyteninfiltratie  lymfoedeem  lymfoïde neoplasie  lymfoom  lymph node burden  lymph node ratio  lymphadenectomy  lymphatic versus hematogneous dissemination  lymphoma  lymphopenia  lymphoscintigraphy  Lynch syndrome  Lynch syndrome associated cancers  lynch syndroom  Lynch syndrooom  LYRA study  M-trap  MA.17R  MA.17R-studie  MA.27  maag maag-slokdarmovergangkanker  maag-slokdarmadenocarcinoom  maagadenocarcinoom  maagcarcinoom  maagkanker  MaBC  MabEase-studie  MABLE-studie  MACBETH-studie  MACRO2 TTD study  Magee Equation 3  MAGIC-studie  magnesiuminname  MAIA study  main-duct intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms  maintenance therapy  maintenance treatment  MAJA study  MAJA-studie  major head and neck surgery  MALDI-MS  male breast cancer  male pattern baldness  male sex disease-specific mortality  male-pattern baldness  malignant melanoma  malignant mesothelioma  malignant pleural disease  malignant pleural effusion  malignant pleural mesothelioma  maligne ascites  maligne glioom  maligne pleura mesothelioom  maligne pleuraal mesothelioom  Malmö Breast Tomosynthesis Screening Trial  Malmö Diet and Cancer Study  MALT lymfoom  MALT-IPI  MALT-lymfoom  mamacarcinoom  mammacarcinoom  mammacarcinoom in mannen  mammacarcinoom mannen  mammacarcinoom; SABCS 2015  mammacarcinoom. lichaamsgewicht  mammacarcinoomscreening  mammacarcinooom  mammacarcionoom  mammacarcioon  MammaPrint  MammaPrint-assay  mammografie  mammografiescreening  mammographic surveillance in young women  mammography  mammography screening  MAN  mannen  Mannuci  mantelcellymfoom  mantle cell lymphoma  MAPS IFCT-GFPC-0701 study  MAPS2-studie  MARCH  marginaal zone lymfoom  marginal zone lymphoma  MARIE study  MARIE-cohort  marihuana  marijuana use  marizomib  marker borstkanker  MARQUEE study  masitinib  MasSpec Pen  mastectomie  mastectomy versus lumpectomy plus RT  maternal breast cancer risk  MATISSE-studie  matrix metalloproteïnase-8  MAVORIC study  MAVORIC-studie  MaxRP  MaxRT  MBC  MBI  MBL  MBMs  MCC  MCL  MCL in older patients  mCRC  mCRPC  mCSPC  MD  MDS  MDS or AML  MDTB  mebendazol  medical decision-making capacity  medische marihuana  mediterrane voeding  MEDOCC  medullair schildkliercarcinoom  medullair thyroïdcarcinoom  medulloblastoma  medulloblastoom  meeroken  MEI  MEK- plus AKT-remming  MEK-remmers  MEK-remming  melanoma  melanoma brain metastases  melanoma in adolescents and young adults  melanoma in children and adolescents  melanoma of unknown primary  melanoom  melanoom-geassocieerde leucoderma  melanoom-mortaliteit  melanoomrisico  melatonine  melfalan  melkconsumptie  MEN1  meningioma  meningioma risk factors  meningioom  menopauzale hormoontherapie  mental health disorders  mentale stoornis  Merkel celcarcinoom  Merkelcelcarcinoom  MESCC  mesothelin-targeted CAR T cells  mesothelioom  mestcel-neoplasmata  MET exon 14 altered lung cancer  MET-amplificatie  meta-analysis  metabole gezondheid  metabolic dysregulation  metabolic health  metabool syndroom  metastase  metastasectomie  metastasering  metastasevrije overleving  metastasis-free interval  metastatic breast cancer  metastatic breast cancer in geriatric patients  metastatic cardiophrenic lymph nodes  metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer  metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer  metastatic colorectal cancer  metastatic colorectal cancer cetuximab plus FOLFOX-4  metastatic colorectal cancer in older vulnerable patients  metastatic esophageal cancer  metastatic esophagogastric adenocarcinoma  metastatic esophagogastric cancer  metastatic gastric cancer  metastatic gastric or junctional adenocarcinoma  metastatic HER2-positive breast cancer  metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer  metastatic melanoma  metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma  metastatic non-small cell lung cancer  metastatic nonsquamous NSCLC  metastatic osteosarcoma  metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma  metastatic prostate cancer  metastatic renal cell carcinoma  metastatic triple-negative breast cancer  metastatisch castratieresistent prostaatcarcinoom  metastatisch cervixcarcinoom  metastatisch colorectaalcarcinoom  metastatisch colorectaalkanker  metastatisch colorrectaalcarcinoom  metastatisch heldercellig niercelcarcinoom  metastatisch maagcarcinoom  metastatisch mammacarcinoom  metastatisch melanoom  metastatisch niercelcarcinoom  metastatisch niet-castratieresistent prostaatcarcinoom  metastatisch pancreas ductaal adenocarcinoom  metastatisch pancreascarcinoom  metastatisch PDAC  metastatisch potentieel  metastatisch prostaatcarcinoom  metastatisch squameus celcarcinoom van hoofd en hals  metastatische borstkanker  metastatische botziekte  metastatische castratieresistente prostaatkanker  metastatische colorectaalkanker  metastatische niet-kleincellige longkanker  metastatische prostaatkanker  metastatische triple-negative borstkanker  METEOR  METEOR-studie  metformin  metformine  methionine  methotrexate neurotoxicity  metronome chemotherapie  MF  mFOLFOX6  MGPT  MGUS  MHD  MHSs  MHT  MIBC  MIC-1  microductectomy  microRNA-203  microRNA-371a-3p test  microRNA-classifier  microRNAs  microsatelliet-instabiele kanker  microsatellite instability  microsatellite instability-high mCRC  middel-heupomtrekverhouding  middelomtrek  middelomvang  midgut NETs  migraine  migratie naar hersenparenchym  MILD trial  MILES-3  MILES-4  million women study  MILS  MINDACT  mindfulness  mindfulness-based cognitive therapy  minimal residual disease  minimally invasive robotic surgery  minimally invasive versus open surgery  MIPSS70  miR-126  miR-190b  miR-34  miR-345  miR-506  miRNA  miRNAs  MIRO-studie  Mitchell  MITCI-studie  MITO-8 studie  MITO-9 study  mitomycin C  mitosesnelheid  mitotische activiteitsindex  mitoxantrone  MK-2206  MK-3475  MLBO  MM  MM-302  MMR  MMR-deficiency  MMR-deficiëntie  MMSE  mNPC  mNSCLC  MNTX  moderately hypofractionated helical IMRT  moderately hypofractionated IMRT  modern chemotherapy  mogamulizumab  moleculaire subtypen  moleculaire tumormarkers  molecular markers of prognosis  molecular markers of recurrence  molecular subtypes  molecular subtypes of breast cancer  Molina  MONALEESA-2 studie  MONALEESA-7 studie  MONALEESA-7 trial  MONARCH 1  MONARCH 1-studie  MONARCH 2 study  MONARCH 2-studie  MONARCH 3-studie  mondholte squameus celcarcinoom  mondholtecarcinoom  mondhygiëne  mondkanker  monoklonale B-cel lymfocytose  Moore-criteria  morcellatie  mortaliteit  mortaliteit colorectaalcarcinoom  mortaliteit na kankerdiagnose  mortality  mortality as function of age  mortality from unrelated causes  mortality trends  mortalteit  MOSAIC  moxetumomab pasudotox  mPCa  mPDAC  MplBC  MPM  MPN  mRCC  MRD-status  MRD-stratified treatment  MRI  MRI background parenchymal enhancement  MRI staging of breast camcer  MRI-FIRST study  MRI-screening  MRI-screening mammacarcinoom  MS2010 study  MSC  MSE  MSG-carcinomen  MSI-CRC  MSLCs  MSLT-II studie  MT-GCT  MTC  mtDNA  MTH1-remmers  mTNBC  mTOR-remmer  mTOR-remmers  mUC  MUC16 mutations  mucosaal melanoom  mucosalaesies  mucositis  mucositispijn  mulitpel myeloom  Müllerian carcinoom  multi-gen panel testing HBOC  multidisciplinary salvage treatment  multidrugresistentie  Multiethnic Cohort  multikinase inhibitors  multipel myeloom  multipel myeloom. KTd  multipele endocriene neoplasie  multiple myeloma  multiple myeloma refractory to CD38 MoABs  MULTOMAB study  MURANO study  MURANO-studie  muscle-invasive bladder cancer  musculoskeletal burden  mutatiescreening  mutatievolgorde  mutation burden  mutation clearance  mutation profiling  mutations in cancer-associated genes  mutp53 proteins  muziektherapie  MVAC  MVPA  MYC  Myc-remming  MYCN  mycosis fungoides  myelodysplasie  myelodysplastic syndrome  myelodysplastisch syndroom  myelodysplastisch syndroom myeloproliferatieve neoplasmen  myelodysplastische syndromen  myelofibrose  myelofibrosis  myeloid malignancies  myeloïde neoplasie  myeloma  Myeloma X trial  myeloom  myeloproliferatieve neoplasmen  MYL-14010  myocarditis  myomectomie  MyPathway study  MyPathway-studie  myxoid liposarcoma  MZL  n-3 fatty acids  N-cadherine  N1087-studie  N3 stage IIIB NSCLC in elderly patients  NA-PHER2 studie  Naakte molrat  nab-paclitaxel  nab-paclitaxel plus gemcitabine  NABON Breast Cancer Audit  nachtarbeid  NACT  naevi  NALA study  nanoparticles  nanotechnologie  NAS  nasofarynxcarcinoom  nasopharyngeal cancer  nasopharyngeal carcinoma  National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program  National Cancer Data Base  National Institute for Health and Care Excellence  natriumthiosulfaat  natural killer  natural killer T-cel lymfoom  NBTXR3  NC-6004  NCCN-richtlijnen  NCGA  NCGC  NCI 8628  NCI-Maryland Case Control Study  NCI-Match Trial E131-Y  NCI9673  NCIC CTG MA.27-studie  NCM  NCSLC  NDMM  NEC study  NECC  necitumumab  negative colonoscopy  negative for intraepithelial lesions or maligancy  negative thyroid biopsy  NELM  NELSON-studie  NEMO  NENs  neoadjuvant aspirine  neoadjuvant bevacizumab  neoadjuvant CAPOX plus radiotherapy  neoadjuvant carboplatin plus docetaxel  neoadjuvant chemoradiation  neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy  neoadjuvant chemotherapy  neoadjuvant durvalumab  neoadjuvant erlotinib  neoadjuvant FOLFIRINOX  neoadjuvant gemcitabine plus S-1  neoadjuvant immune checkpoint blockade  neoadjuvant lapatinib plus trastuzumab without chemotherapy  neoadjuvant larotrectinib  neoadjuvant nab-paclitaxel  neoadjuvant pertuzumab  neoadjuvant plus adjuvant erlotinib  neoadjuvant radiotherapy  neoadjuvant SABRT  neoadjuvant therapy  neoadjuvant trastuzumab emtansine plus pertuzumab  neoadjuvante chemotherapie  neoadjuvante CRT  NeoALTTO  NeoCombi study  neonatal inflammatory markers  neonatal phototherapy  NeoPAL study  NeoPalAna  neoplasm risk  neopterine  nephrectomy  nephrotoxicity  neratinib  nercelcarcinoom  NET  NETs  neurale invasie  neuro-endocrien carcinoom  neuro-endocriene neoplasmen  neuro-endocriene tumoren  neuroblastoma  neuroblastoom  neurocognitie  neurocognitive function  neuroendocrine prostate cancer  neuroeondocriene tumoren  neurofibromatose  neurofibromatose 1  neurologic disorders  neuropathie  neuropsychiatric functioning  neuropsychological outcomes  neutrofiel lymfocyt-ratio  neutrofiel-lymfocyt ratio  neutropenie  neutrophilia  new treatment options  newly diagnosed APL  newly diagnosed cancer patients  newly diagnosed multiple myeloma  newly diagnosed or relapsed multiple myeloma  newly diagnosed transplant-ineligible multiple myeloma  next-generation sequencing  next-generation sequencing of ctDNA  NF1  NF2  NFκB  NGS  nHL  NHL-001 study  NHS  NIBIT-MESO-1 studie  nice-or-naughty theorie  nicotine  niercarcinoom  niercelcarcinoom  niercelkanker  nierfunctie  niet-cervicale anogenitale maligniteit  niet-chirurgische behandeling  niet-invasief prenataal testen  niet-kelincellig longcarcinoom  niet-kleincellg longcarcinoom  niet-kleincellig longcarcinoom  niet-kleincellige longkanker  niet-melanoom huidkanker  niet-seminomateus testiscarcinoom  niet-squameus niet-kleincellig longcarcinoom  nieuw logo  Nieuw-Zeeland  NIFTP  night shift work  NIH-AARP  NIH-AARP Diet and Health study  NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study; alcohol consumption  NILM  NiloPeg  nilotinib  nimotuzumab  nintedanib  NIPPON DATA 80  niraparib  niraparib maintenance  niraparib plus pembrolizumab  nitraat  nitriet  nivolumab  NIVOREN study  NK  NLCS  NLPHL  NLR  nmCRPC  NMIBC  NMR  NMSC  NMSC-ASE  NMSIs  NNAL  NO16968  NO2  NOA-07 studie  NOCCA study  nodal PTCL  nodulair lymfocyt-predominant Hodgkin lymfoom  NOM  non-alcoholic fatty liver disease  non-germinal center B-cell DLBCL  non-germinal center B-cell like diffuus grootcellig B-cel lymfoom  non-Hodgkin lymfoom  non-Hodgkin lymphoma  non-inferioriteits fase 3-studie AXEPT  non-melanoma skin cancer  non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer  non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer  non-relapse mortaliteit  non-seminoom testikelkanker  non-small cell lung cancer  non-small cell lung cancer surgery  non-specific symptoms and signs of cancer  non-squamous metastatic non-small cell lung cancer  nonadherence  nonadherence to cancer screening  noncancer mortality  nongerminomatous malignant germ cell tumors  nonmelanoma skin cancer  nonverbale communicatie  Noorwegen  NOPHO ALL2008 protocol  NOPHO ALL2008 study  NORCCAP-studie  Nordic Lymphoma Group  NORDIC9 study  not transplant-eligilbe MM  NOx  NPC  NPM1-gemuteerde AML  NRAS-mutatie  NRAS-mutaties  NRG Oncology RTOG 1203  NRG Oncology RTOG studie 0621  NRG-GY003  NSABP B-28 studie  NSABP B-31 study  NSABP B-40  NSABP B-42  NSABP B-42 study  NSAID  NSAID-gebruik  NSAIDs  NSCLC  NSCLC in postmenopausal women  NSCLC with ALK or ROS1-rearrangement  NSCLC; linifanib  NSGCT  NSM  nsq-NSCLC  NTD-Haplo versus SUCBT  nucleaire installaties  nuclear ZEB2 expression  Nurses' Health Study  Nurses’ Health Studies  Nurses’ Health Study  Nurses’ Health Study I and II  Nurses’ Health Study II  nursing home residents  nut consumption  nutrient intake  NutriNet-Santé cohort  NutriNet-Santé studie  NutriNet-Santé study  nutritional status  NWAS  NWTS-5  OA-MCL  OAC  OAK  OAK-studie  obesitas  obesitasparadox  obesity  obesity-related cancer trends  obinutuzumab  Observationele studie van discontinueren van TKIs voor CML in de Italiaanse klinische praktijk  OCC  OCCC  occult breast cancer  occulte kanker  occupational variation  OCSCC  ocular toxicity of bortezomib  ODM-201  odontoom  ODXRS  oedeem  oesofagaal squameus celcarcinoom  oesofagastrische tumoren  oesofagectomie  oesofagogastrisch adenocarcinoom  oesofagus squameus celcarcinoom  oesofagusadenocarcinoom  oesofaguscarcinoom  oesofaguskanker  oesophageal squmous cell carcinoma  oestradiol  oestrogeengebruik  oestrogeenreceptor  oestrogeensuppressie  ofatumumab  OGC  OHERA study  Okayama Lung Cancer Study Group Trial 1404  olanzapine  olaparib  olaparib maintenance  olaparib plus cetuximab and IMRT  older adults with cancer  olfactorisch neuroblastoom  oligometastase  oligometastatic cancer  oligometastatic cancers  oligometastatic non-small cell lung cancer  OLIVIA  OlympiAD-studie  OM-CRC  omacetaxine mepesuccinate  omega 3-vetzuren  OMEGA offspring cohort  omission of dexamethasone  oncolytisch adenovirus  oncolytische virustherapie  oncoplastische mammoplastie  Oncoscience  Oncotype  Oncotype DX  Oncotype DX DCIS-score  ondergewicht  onderhoudstherapie  ondervoeding  onderzoeksfraude  one week off  ONJ  ONT-380  ontstaan colorectaalkanker  ontwikkeling resistentie  oogmelanoom  Oost-Afrika  OPAS-1 study  OPC  open resectie  open versus minimally invasive surgery  opioid use  opioid use among older cancer survivors  opleidingsniveau  OPN  OPSCC  opsoclonus-myoclonus ataxie syndroom  OPTIMA Prelim  OPTIMISMM study  optimizing chemotherapy  OPTION-studie  Opto-RTKs  oraal carcinoom  oraal oncogeen HPV  oral arsenic trioxide  oral cavity or oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma  oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma  oral endocrine therapy  oral health  oral hydration after cisplatin  oral S-1  orale anticonceptiva  orale contraceptiva  ORCA-010  ORCHARRD  orgaantransplantatie  Organ transplant recipients  organ-sparing transanal endoscopic microsurgery  organic food consumption  organische oplosmiddelen  orgnnoïdencultures  ORIENT-1 study  orofaryngeaal squameus celcarcinoom  orofarynx squameus celcarcinoom  orofarynxcarcinoom  oropharyngeal cancer  orthopedische oncologie  OS  OSCC  osimertinib  OSJ  Oslo 1-studie  OSLO-COMET study  osteonecrose van de kaak  osteopenie  osteopontin  osteoporosis  osteosarcoma  osteosarcoom  ototoxiciteit van chemotherapie  OTX015  outcomes  outcomes of surgery  outcomes without locoregional treatment  OV21 PETROC  ovarian cancer  ovarian function  ovarian function suppression  ovarian stimulation  ovarian tumors  ovariëctomie  ovariumcacrinoom  ovariumcarcinoom  ovariumfunctie  ovariumfunctie-suppressie  ovariumfunctiesuppressie  ovariumkanker  ovariumtumoren  ovariumvolume  OVC  overall survival  overall survival-analyse van fase 3-studie ARCHER 1050  overdiagnose  overdiagnosis  overgewicht  overhospitalisatie overlevers  overlevers jeugdkanker  overlevers kinderkanker  overleving  overleving borstkanker  overleving CRC  overleving in Europa  overleving melanoom  overleving oudere patiënten  overweight  oviductcarcinoom  oxaliplatin  oxaliplatine  oxybutynin  p16 Ki-67 dual stain and HPV16 18 genotyping  p53  PABC  PACE-studie  pachymeningeal seeding  PACIFIC-studie  paclitaxel  PACMEL trial  PACT-15 studie  PACT-19 study  PADT  Painyanitikul  PALB2-mutatie  PALB2-mutaties  palbociclib  palliatie  palliatieve radiotherapie  PALOMA-1 TRIO-18  PALOMA-2 analyse  PALOMA-3  PALOMA-3 study  PAMELA  PAMELA-studie  pan-RAF remmers  PANACEA study  pancreas  pancreas cancer  pancreas ductaal adenocarcinoom  pancreas-adenocarcinoom  pancreas-ductaaladenocarcinoom  pancreas-MCNs  pancreasadenocarcinoom  pancreascarcinoom  pancreaskanker  pancreatectomie  pancreatic cancer  pancreatic cancer risk  pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma  pancreatic fistula  pancreatic NETs  pancreaticoduodenectomie  pancreaticoduodenectomy  PANFIRE  panitumumab  panobinostat  PANVAC  papillair craniofaryngioom  papillair metastatisch niercelcarcinoom  papillair schildkliercarcinoom  paraganglioma  paraneoplastisch neurologisch syndroom  Parkinson  PARP-remmer  PARP1-expressie  partial prostate treatment  particpating in randomized breast cancer study  PAs  passief roken  PASSOS Heart studie  pathogenic germline variants  pathogenic variants in less familiar cancer susceptibily genes  patient reported outcome  patient reported outcomes  patient reported symptoms  patient volume of oncologist  patient- and clinican-reported  patient-collected versus clinician-collected samples  patiënt-gerapporteerde uitkomsten  patient-reported outcomes  patiëntnavigatie  patients aged 40 years or younger  patients younger than 50 years  patterns of recurrence  patterns of relapse after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in clinical practice  pazopanib  pazopanib plus cetuximab  PBC  PBL  PBSO  PBT  PC  PCD  PCI  PCLO  PCNSL  PCOS  pCR  pCR to pertuzumab and trastuzumab  PCSNL  PD-(L)1-blockade  PD-1  PD-1 Ab  PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibitos  PD-1 inhibitors for mNSCLC  PD-1 PD-L1 inhibitors  PD-1-inhibitor therapy  PD-L1  PD-L1 expression  PD-L1-positive advanced NSCLC  PD-L1-positive mTNBC  PDAC  PDS  PDT  PEAK study  pediatric acute leukemia  pediatric ALL  pediatric AML  pediatric brain tumor survivors  pediatric cerebral microbleeds  pediatric CT-related radiation exposure  pediatric hepatoblastoma  pediatric locally advanced TRK fusion sarcomas  pediatric low-grade glioma  pediatric neuro-oncology  pediatric posterior fossa tumors  pediatric R R ALL  pediatric relapsing high-risk ALL  pediatric thyroid cancer incidence and mortality trends  pediatrisch ALL  pediatrisch AML  pediatrisch ependymoom  pediatrisch sarcoom  pediatrische AML  pediatrische CNS-tumoren  pediatrische hersentumoren  pediatrische leukemie  pediatrische NETs  pediatrische patiënt-gerapporteerde uitkomsten  pediatrische stamceltransplantatie  PEG  PEG-IFN  pegfilgastrim  pegfilgrastim-profylaxe  pegteograstim  pelvic radiotherapy  pelvic RT versus IMRT  pembolizumab  pembrolizumab  pembrolizumab for advanced melanoma  pembrolizumab for advanced NSCLC  pembrolizumab for advanced prostate adenocarcinoma  pembrolizumab for previously treated mTNBC  pembrolizumab for previously untreated  pembrolizumab plus axitinib  pembrolizumab versus best supportive care for advanced HCC  pemetrexed plus cisplatine  penta-refractory MM  peptide receptor radionuclide therapy  percentage dense area  perception of cancer risk  percutaneous ablation  PerELISA neoadjuvant study  perfluarinated alkylated substances in serum  perifeer T-cel lymfoom  perifere neuropathie  periodontale ziekte  perioperative FLOT versus ECF ECX  perioperative radiotherapy  peripheral T-cell lymphoma  peritoneal mesothelioma  peritoneal metastases from gastric cancer  peritoneale carcinomatose index  peritoneale metastasen  PERSEPHONE trial  PERSIST-1  PERSIST-2 studie  PERSIST-5 trial  persistent postchemotherapy alopecia  persistente pijn  personalized ctDNA profiling  PERTAIN study  pertuzumab  pertuzumab plus trastuzumab  peru  PERUSE study  pesticide exposure  PET  PET CT  PET-CT  PET-CT staged localized follicular lymphoma  PET-guided risk adapted treatment  PETAL-studie  peulvruchten  pevonedistat  PF-05280014  PFS  PFT  PGC-1α  PGF  PGHD  PGT  Ph- ALL  Ph-ALL  Ph-like ALL  Ph-negative ALL in older patients  Ph+ ALL  phase 2 BENEFIT trial  phase 2 study JULIET  phase 3 NEJ026 study  phase 3 study COMBI-AD  phase 3 study TRAIN-2  phase 3 trial RADAR  Phc  pheochrmocytoma  PHEREXA-studie  Philadelphia chromosome-negative ALL  PHILEMON-studie  PHOENIX study  PHP-Mel  physical activity  physical activity during adolescence  physican workforce requirements  PI3K mTOR-remming  PI3K-signalering  PI3Kδ  PIB  PICN  pictilisib  pigmented skin lesion classification  pijnlijke botmetastasen  PIK3CA  PIK3CA-altered HNSCC  PIK3CA-mutaties  pilaralisib  pilocarpine  pimecrolimus  pioglitazon  pituitary macroadenomas  PIVOT-studie  pixatimod plus nivolumab  placebo adverse events in cancer trials  PLACOL-studie  plasma-based genotyping  plasma-biomarkers  plasmacarotenoïden  platinum-resistant ovarian cancer  platinum-resistente ovariumkanker  PLATO study  plaveiselcelcarcinoom  PLCO cancer screening trial  pleiomorf lobulair mammacarcinoom  pleister  pleural mesothelioma  pleurectomie  pleurectomy decortication  PLGA  PLGG  ploegendienst  PLP  PLR  PLRG Observational Study  PM  PMF  PMRT  PN  pnacreascarcinoom  pNET  pneumonitis  PO-IMRT versus PPLN-IMRT  POEMS final analysis  Poland  polatuzumab vedotin  POLE-mutaties  POLLUX-studie  POLO study  polo-like kinaseremmer  poly-G repeats  polycyclische aromatische koolwaterstoffen  polycystische nierziekte  polycythemia vera  polyfarmacie  polymerase theta  polymorfismen  polypectomie  polypharmacy  polypose  pom-dex  pomalidomide  ponatinib  population-level survival  PORT  PORTEC-3  PORTOS  POSH-studie  positive initial margins  positive margins  post hoc analyse ASPIRE-studie  post hoc analyse FIRST-studie  post hoc analyse KEYNOTE-001 studie  post hoc exploratieve analyse RAISE-studie  post-hoc analyse PETACC-8 studie  post-hoc analyse REACH-studie  post-mastectomie radiotherapie  post-progression outcomes  post-transplantie lymfoproliferatieve ziekte  postdiagnostic calcium intake  postembolization syndrome  postmastectomy radiotherapy  postmenopausal advanced HR-positive breast cancer  postmenopausal bleeding  postmenopausal breast cancer  postmenopausal CRC risk  postmenopausal women  postmenopauzaal mammacarcinoom  postmenopauzaal mammarcinoom  postmenopauzale borstkanker  postmenopauzale hormoontherapie  postmenopauzale vrouwen  postoperatieve mortaliteit  postoperative mortality  postoperative seizures  postoperative SRS  postoperative surveillance  posttraumatische stressstoornis  poziotinib  PPAR-gamma  PPIs  PR-status  PR1  PRACTICAL-studie  PrCa  PRCC  pre-BCS MRI  pre-leukemisch  PRECIS study  precisie-oncologie  precisietherapie  precision medicine  PRECISION-studie  prediabetes  prediagnostic telomere length  PREDICT  prediction of AML risk in healthy individuals  prediction of outcome  prediction of progression  predictions for 2019  predictive value of SNP-signature for recurrence  predictors of outcome of HCT  predictors of survival  preëclampsie  preexisting antibodies  preexisting pain  PREF ALL  pregabalin  pregnancy  pregnancy after cancer diagnosis  pregnancy-associated breast cancer  pregnancy-associated cancer  prehabilitatie  prehabilitation  preïmplantatie-genetische diagnose  premature menopauze  premenopausal breast cancer risk  prenatale blootstelling  prenatale carcinogenenblootstelling  preoperatieve chemotherapie  preoperatieve MRI  preoperatieve radiotherapie  preoperatieve radiotherapie voor rectumkanker  preoperative adverse event risk index for head and neck cancer surgery  preoperative anemia  preoperative embolization  preoperative MRI  preoperative risk evaluation  Preoperative-Palbociclib studie  PREVAIL-studie  prevalence of clinical diagnosis of ADHD  prevalence of HBV  preventie  preventie cervixkanker  preventie mammacarcinoom  prevention of early menopause  preventive drugs in the last year of life  previously treated advanced cervical cancer  previously treated advanced NSCLC  previously untreated AML  prijzen medicatie  primair CNS-lymfoom  primair melanoom  primair urethracarcinoom  primaire borstkanker  primaire plasmacelleukemie  primary breast cancer treatment  primary care clinic appointment time  primary CNS lymphoma  primary debulking surgery  primary surgery  primary tumor location  primary versus acquired T790M mutatiion  PRIME study  PRINCIPAL study  PRO-CTCAE  PRO-IMPACT studie  PRODIGE 20-studie  PRODRIGE18 study  PROFILE 1001 study  ProfiLER-studie  PROFILES registry  profylactische mastectomie  prognose  prognose luminal A  prognosis  prognostic case volume thresholds  prognostic factors  prognostic implications  prognostic index  prognostic model  prognostic protein-based signature  prognostic risk score  prognostic role in lung cancer  prognostic role of circulating cell-free DNA  prognostic role of hypoxia and angiogenesis  prognostic value of CTCs  prognostic value of TILs  prognostication  prognostische biomarker  prognostische discordantie  prognostische test  prognostische tools mammacarcinoom  progressievrije overleving  progressievrije overleving na 24 maanden  progression risk stratification  progressive MPM  projections until 2030  prolaris  prolonged infusion of low dose gemcitabine  PROMIS-studie  PROMISE-studie  promotie  PRONOPALL-studie  PROPHECY study  prophylactic chestwall irradiation  prophylactic contralateral breast irradiation  prophylactic cranial irradiation  PROREPAIR-B study  PROs  PROSELICA-studie  Prosigna  Prosigna risk of recurrence score  prospective genotyping  prospective validation Gail Model  PROSPER study  prostaatcarcinoom  prostaatcarcinoom. androgeendeprivatietherapie  prostaatkanke  prostaatkanker  prostaatkankermortaliteit  Prostaid  prostate cancer  prostate cancer aggressiveness  prostate cancer mortality  prostate cancer progression  prostate cancer risk  prostate cancer risk and mortality  prostate cancer; long-term follow up NRG RTOG 9413 study  prostatectomie  proteasome inhibitor  proteasoomremmer  ProtecT  PROTECT-1 en -2 studies  PROTECT-studie  proton beam radiotherapy  proton therapy  protonradiotherapie  protontherapie  proximal colon serrated neoplasia  proximal versus distal detection  PRT  PS  PSA  PSA bounce  PSA-recidief  PSA-screening  PSAD  PSCCB  pSmad2  psychiatric utilisation prior to cancer diagnosis  psycho-oncology  psychological distress  PTBP1  PTC  PTCL  pten  PTEN-verlies  PTGS2  PTH  PTSD  pulmonaire metastasen  pulmonary fibrosis  purchase of antidepressants  PURE-01 study  PUVA therapy  PV  PVRL  pyrotinib  pyrotinib plus capecitabine  Q-koorts  QNBC  QoL  QSkin-studie  QUADRA study  quality of life  quality-adjusted time without symptoms of progression or toxicity  QuANTUM-R study  QuiRedex  quizartinib  R M ACC  R R AML  R R AML MDS  R R cHL  R R CLL  R R DLBCL  R R FTL3-mutated AML  R R HL  R R MM  R R MZL  r r-AML  R-cadherine  R-CHOP  R-CHOP 14 versus 21 studie  R-CHOP-14  R2-CHOP  RAAS  race and risk of subsequent aggressive breast cancer  race and survival  race-based differences in survival  radcial cystectomy  RADIANT-2  RADIANT-4  radiation to hypothalamus and pituitary  radiation-associated intracranial malignancy  radiation-induced cardiac toxicity  radical hemi-thoracic radiotherapy  radical prostatectomy versus watchful waiting  RADiChol-studie  radioactief jodium  radioembolisatie  radiofrequency localization  radiofrequentie-ablatie  radiogenomics  radiojodium-refractair gedifferentieerd schildkliercarcinoom  radiologic complete response  radiomica  radiomics  radionecrosis  radiosurgery  radiotherapie  radiotherapy  radiotherapy-related heuropathic pain  radium 223  radium-223  radon  RAINBOW-studie  RAINFALL study  raloxifeen  ramucirumab  RANGE-studie  rare cancers  rare versus common genetic variants  RARECAREnet  RAS-mutaties  RASTEN-studie  RCC  RCM  RD  re-excisie  re-testing predictive biomarkers in surgical specimens  REACH-2 study  readministration of anti-PD-1 or anti-PD-L1 after irAE  readmission  real world outcomes  real-world outcomes  real-world survival  real-world treatment and survival  rEC  receptorstatusverandering  recidief  recidiefrisico  recidiefrisico ER-positief mammacarcinoom  recidiverend multipel myeloom  recidiverend of refractair ALL  recidiverend of refractair mantelcellymfoom  recidiverend of refractair multipel myeloom  recidiverend refractair mantelcellymfoom  recidiverend refractair multipel myeloom  recidiverend refractair PCNSL  recidiverende beroerte  recidiverende ER-positieve borstkanker  RECIST  recombinant poliovirus for recurrent glioblastoma  RECORD-2  recovery of ovarian function  rectal cancer  rectal cancer in elderly patients  rectumcarcinoom  rectumccarcinoom  rectumkanker  recurrence  recurrence patterns after RT for brain metastases  recurrent acute myeloid leukemia  recurrent advanced urothelial cancer  recurrent GBM  recurrent glioblastoma  recurrent glioma  recurrent high grade glioma  recurrent high-grade serous ovarian cancer  recurrent metastatic breast cancer  recurrent of refractory soldi tumors in children and adolescents  recurrent or metastatic HNSCC  recurrent platinum-resistant ovarian carcinoma  recurring endometrial cancer  reduced LVEF  reduced-dose fluoropyrimidine therapy  refractory large B-cell lymphoma  refusal of conventional cancer therapy  refusal of surgery  regional lymph node irradiation  regionale lymfeklierbestraling  REGOBONE study  REGOMA study  regorafenib  REGOSARC  rejection of systemic therapy  relapse  relapse after allogeneic stem-cell transplantation  relapse after autoSCT  relapsed CLL  relapsed CLL SLL  relapsed follicular lymphoma  relapsed glioblastoma  relapsed multiple myeloma  relapsed or refractory classical Hodgkin lymphoma  relapsed or refractory indolent lymphoma  relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma  relapsed or refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma  relapsed or refractory primary CNS or introcular lymphoma  relapsed platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer  relapsed refractory Hodgkin lymphoma  relapsed refractory multiple myeloma  relapsed refractory NHL  relative dose intensity  relative lymphocyte count  RELAZA2 study  RELEVANCE trial  religieuze overtuigingen  REMAGUS02 study  remaining life expectancy  remming CD95-route  remming hedgehog-signaalroute  remnant liver ischemia  REMOTUX trial  renal cell carcinoma  RENO study  reovirus  RERISE-studie  resectable lung SCC  resected ampullary carcinoma  resected biliary tract cancer  resectie laaggradig glioom  resection  resection before immunotherapy  resection of brain metastases  residual HER2-positive breast cancer  resiquimod  resistant starch  resistentie  RESONATE study  RESONATE-17  respiratory morbidity  respiratory outcomes  Response Assessment in Neuro-Oncology werkgroep  response to HER2-targeted therapy  response to lung cancer immunochemotherapy  response to stereotactic radiosurgery  RESPONSE-2  RESTORE  Restoring Invisible and Abandoned Trials  results in North America  resumption of immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy  Ret  RET-fusion positive NSCLC  RET-rearranged lung cancer  retinoblastoom  retinol  retroperitoneaal sarcoom  retroperitoneal liposarcoma  retroperitoneal lymph node dissection  retroperitoneal sarcoma  retrospectieve analyse PETACC-3 studie  reumatoïde artritis  REVERCE study  reverse gene expression profiling  RFA  rhabdomyosarcoma  rhabdomyosarcoom  riboflavine  RIC alloHSCT  rich TILs  Richter transformation  RICMAC-studie  ridaforolimus  rilotumumab  RILT  rindopepimut  risedronaat  risico borstkanker  risicoscore  risicostratificatie  risk of all cancer types  risk of cancer  risk of cardiovascular hospitalization  risk of colorectal adenoma  risk of glioma  risk of internal malignancies  risk of lethal prostate cancer  risk of lung  risk of malignant neoplasms  risk of preterm birth  risk of progression  risk of second event after DCIS  risk of secondary malignancies  risk of SMNs after treatment for testicular germ cell cancer  risk of subsequent cancers  risk of suicide  risk of suicide after cancer diagnosis  risk of testicular germ cell tumors  risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy  rituximab  rituximab maintenance  rituximab plus lenalidomide  rituximab SC of IV  rivaroxaban  RMM  RMP  RNA-disruptie  RNU2-1f  ROAR basket trial  robot-geassisteerde prostatectomie  rociletinib  roken  rolapitant  ROLARR-studie  ROMANA 3-studie  romidepsine  ROMULUS study  rookloze tabaksproducten  ROS-1 rearranged NSCLC  ROS1-rearranged advanced NSLCL  ROSE TRIO-012  Ross  rotating night shift work  Rotterdam Study  Rova-T  RP-LPS  RPD vs OPD  rPFS  RPLMS  RPS  RR CLL SLL  rrHL  RRMM  rrPMBCL  RRSO  RRx-001  rs4143094  RT  RT after complete response to ABVD  RT plus XRT  RTOG 0126-studie  RTOG 0214 study  RTOG 0521 study  RTOG 0617  RTOG 0813 trial  RTOG 1016 study  RTOG-0129 risk groups  RTSG-SIOP  RTW  rucaparib maintenance  ruxolitinib  ruxolitinib plus azacytidine  S-1  S-TRAC trial  S1P-antagonisme  SA  SABCS 2015  SABR  SABR-COMET study  SABRINA-studie  sacher  sacituzumab govitecan  sacituzumab govitecan-hziy  SACURA trial  SAFE-HEaRt study  safety of CRS HIPEC  SaGa  SAKK 35 10 trial  sALCL  salivary MECs  salpingectomie  SALTO-studie  salvage chirurgie  salvage re-irradiation  salvage treatment  salvage treatments  sAML  saracatinib  SARAH-studie  SARC024 study  SARC028-studie  sarcoma  sarcoom  sarcopenia  sarcopenic patients  sASCT  sAxl  SBA  SBM  SBRT  SBRT schedule  SC  SC.23  scalp cooling  scalpmelanoom  Scandinavian HYPO-RT-PC study  SCC  SCCA  SCCAC  SCCHN  SCCOT  SCCUP  sCD23  schade kleine hersenvaten  schildkliercarcinoom  schildklierkanker  schildkliertumoren  schildwachtklier  schildwachtklierbiopsie  schildwachtlymfeklierbiopsie  SCIENTIFIC-studie  SCLC  SCORAD III-studie  SCOT-studie  screen-detected vs non-screen-detected  screening  screening cervixcarcinoom  screening colorectaalcarcinoom  screening contralateraal mammacarcinoom  screening CRC tumors for Lynch syndrome  screening digital mammography  screening longcarcinoom  screening mammacarcinoom  screening ordering and completion  SCSHN  SDF1  SEAFOOD Polyp Prevention Trial  SEAL  second allo-HCT versus donor lymphocyte infusion  second cancers after radical treatment  second line FOLFIRI plus ramucirumab  second primary cancers  second primary NSCLC after HNC  second solid cancer outcomes  second-line XELIRI versus irinotecan monotherapy  secondary analysis CONVERT study  secondary MDS AML  secondary solid tumor malignancies  secundaire analyse ATAC-studie  secundaire analyse AZURE-studie  secundaire analyse BIG 1-98 studie  secundaire analyse GOG-0218 studie  secundaire analyse GOG-210 studie  secundaire analyse LUX-Lung 8-studie  Secundaire analyse NSABP B-30  Secundaire analyse REVEL-studie  secundaire analyse van CANTOS-studie  Secundaire analyse van EF-14  secundaire analyse van EORTC 22952-26001  secundaire analyse van FAPEST-studie  secundaire analyse van GeparSixto  secundaire analyse van GOG-0218 studie  secundaire analyse van RTOG 9704-studie  secundaire analyse van STO-3 studie  Secundaire analyse van SWOG S0221  sedentaire tijd  segmentectomie  SEHIB-studie  SEIPLUS study  seksueel functioneren  seksuele toxiciteit  SELECT trial  SELECT-1 studie  SELECT-D studie  selecteren van moleculair-geleide therapie  selectieve interne radiotherapie  seleen  Selenium and Celecoxib Trial  self-compression versus standard compression  SELHEM  selinexor  selumetinib  seminoom  SEMS  SenSzi study  sentinel  sentinel lymph node biopsy  sentinel-node micrometastases  sepantronium bromide  sEpCAM  sequencing plasma cell-free DNA  sequential ICI and crizotinib  sequential PD-(L)1 blockade and osimertinib  sereus ovariumcarcinoom  serial imaging  SERM  Sertoli-Leydig  serum assessment of non-adherence  serum proteomics  serum thiol levels  serum VEGF  serum vitamin E  serum-metaboloomprofiel  serum-microRNAs  serumlipidem  serumlipiden  SES  sex difference  sex differences in prognosis  sex-based heterogeneity  sex-linked differences  sexually transmitted infections  Sézary syndroom  SGC  shared decision making  SHCC  short regimen of rituximab plus lenalidomide  Short-HER study  short-term mortality after starting chemotherapy  SHR-1210  SI-NETs  SIA  sidedness  sigaren  siglec  sigmoidoscopy screening  signifor  siltuximab  silver jk  simian virus 40  SIMONAL study  SIMPLICITY-studie  SIMPLIFY-1 studie  Singapore Chinese Health Study  single dose HDR brachytherapy  single-fraction SBRT vs multifraction conventional RT  sinonasaal adenocarcinoom  sinonasaal carcinoom  sinonasaal melanoom  sintilimab  sirolimus  SIRveNIB-studie  Sister Study  Sisters Study  sites and sequence of metastases  six versus 12 months adjuvant capecitabine  skelet-gerelateerde gebeurtenissen  skeletal metastases  skeletal muscle loss  skin cancer  skin cancer prevention  skin cancer risk  skull-base chondrosarcoma  slaapduur  sleep characteristics  SLL  SLN-biopsie  SLN-status  SLNB  slokdarm adenocarcinoom  slokdarm squameus celcarcinoom  slokdarmadenocarcinoom  slokdarmcarcinoom  slokdarmkanker  slokdarmkanker; chemoradiotherapie  SM  SMAD4 loss  small lymphocytic lymphoma  small node-negative HER2-positive breast cancer  small-cell lung cancer  smeulend multipel myeloom  SMM  SMN  SMNs  smoking  smoking cessation  smoldering multiple myeloma  SNIPP study  snoRNAs  SNP  SNPs  SNPs correlated with sunitinib benefit  SNTI  SNUC  SOAR-studie  sociaal-economische status  Sociaaleconomische status  sociale media  soft tissue sarcoma  SOFT- en TEXT-studies  soft-tissue sarcoma  sojaconsumptie  SOLAR-1 study  SOLD-studie  SOLE-studie  solid cancer diagnosis  solid organ transplant  solid-organ transplant  solide maligniteiten  solide tumoren  solitair intrathyroïdaal papillair schildkliercarcinoom  solitary fibrous tumor  SOLO1 study  SOLO2 ENGOT-Ov21 studie  somatische variatie  somatostatin analogues  somatostatine-analogen  sorafenib  sorafenib for advanced HCC  sorafnib maintenance after allo-transplantion  SORAML  SORMAIN Trial  SOS-studie  sotatercept  SOX2  soy-based dietary supplements  SPARC  SPARTAN-studie  SPC  SPCG-4  spectroscopie  sperm count  Spierinvasief blaascarcinoom  spinaal myxopapillair ependymoom  spinal metastases  spinal metastatic disease  spinale epidurale metastase  spinale metastase  spinale SRS  SPIONs  splanchnische veneuze trombose  splenisch DLBCL  splicing factor  SPMN  SPMs  spontane abortus  sporadic colorectal cancer  spread through air spaces  SPS  sputum miRNA  sqCLC  squameus celcarcinoom  squameus celcarcinoom van de mondholte  squameus celcarcinoom van de orofarynx  squameus celcarcinoom van hoofd en hals  squameus-celcarcinoom  squamous cell carcinoma  squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck  squamous NSCLC  SQUIRE-studie  SRCC  SRE  SREs  SRS  SRT  SRT versus ART  SS  SSIs  SSTR2  St Jude Lifetime Cohort Study  St. Jude Lifetime Cohort  stadium IV colorectaalcarcinoom  stadium IV-NSCLC  stage 0 to II breast cancer  stage 1 nonseminomatous GCTs  stage 1 NSCLC  stage 1A RCC  stage 2 colorectal cancer  stage and grade I endometrioid endometrial cancer  stage at cancer diagnosis  stage I breast cancer in women 65 years and over  stage I NSCLC  stage I-II cutaneous melanoma  stage II colon cancer  stage II III gastric cancer  stage II III rectal cancer  stage II-IIIA NSCLC  stage III colon cancer  stage III gastric cancer  stage III inflammatory breast cancer  stage III NSCLC  stage IIIA NSCLC  stage IIIA-N2 EGFR mutation-positive NSCLC  stage IIIB and IIIC melanoma  stage IIIB-C BRAF-V600 mutated melanoma  stage IV ALK rearranged NSCLC  stage IV breast cancer  stage IV breast cancer at diagnosis  stage IV TNBC  staged stereotactic radiosurgery  stamceltransplantatie  STAMPEDE  STAMPEDE study  standard-risk NDMM  stappenteller  START  statin use  statines  statins  statistieken 2012  statistische genezing  stemmingsaandoeningen  stereotactic ablative radiotherapy  stereotactic body radiation therapy  stereotactic body radiotherapy  stereotactic radiosurgery  stereotactic RT versus WBRT for cystic or solid brain metastases  stereotactische lichaamsradiotherapie  stereotactische radiochirurgie  stereotactische radiotherapie  sterfte aan kanker  steroid refractory GVHD in children  sTILs  Stockholm III  stoma  stomach cancer pooling project  stomatitis  Stop & Go study  STOP IMAPED study  STORM Study part 2  straling  STREAM-studie  stroma-gerichte therapie  stromal tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes  stromale tumor-infiltrerende lymfocyten  STS  STSs  Studie-uitval  Study 19  STZ 5-FU  subcutaan trastuzumab  subcutaneous versus intravenous PF-06801591  subcutaneous versus intravenous trastuzumab  subependymal giant cell astrocytoma  subgroep-analyse van METEOR-studie  subgroepanalyse ALEX-studie  subgroepanalyse GREEN study  subgroepanalyse MONALEESA-2 studie  subgroepanalyse van FIRE-3 studie  subgroepanalyses LUX-Lung studies  subgroepenanalyses CAIRO3  sublobar resection  subsequent primary neoplasms  substratification  substudie ALTTO  substudie van TRYPHAENA  subtotal resection  subtype  subtype-specific CBC  subtypen  subtypen HER2-positieve borstkanker  subtypes  subtypes maagcarcinoom  subtypes mammacarcinoom  SUCCESS A  SUCCESS A trial  SUCCESS-C study  suïcide  sun exposure  suncreen use  sunitinib  sunitinib dose and schedule optimization  sunitinib for RCC  SUNSHINE trial  superficial basal-cell carcinoma  superior vena cava syndrome  suppressie ovariumfunctie  supraglottische-larynxcarcinoom  SUPREMO trial  surgery  surgery for head and neck cancer  surgery for non-palpable breast lesions  surgery versus active surveillance  surgical treatment  surgically treated brain metastases  surival  SURTIME trial  surveillance  surveillance colonoscopy after advanced adenoma removal  surveillance for relapse  survival  survival after radiotherapy  survival in breast cancer  survival of advanced NSCLC  survival trends  survivin-expressie  survivors AYA cancer  survivors childhood and AYA cancer  survivors of childhood and AYA cancer  survivors of childhood cancer  survivors of childhood Hodgkin lymphoma  survivors of HPV-associated cancers  survivors of non-central nervous system tumors in childhood  survivors of pediatric CNS tumors  susceptibility gene mutations  SVCS  SVT  SWAN-studie  Swedish Breast Cancer Group 91 Radiotherapy studie  Swedish Multicenter Cohort Study  SWISH-studie  SWITCH  SWOG 0777  SWOG 1200-studie  SWOG 1406  SWOG 80405  SWOG S0337-studie  SWOG S0518  SWOG S0622  SWOG S0800  SWOG S1202-studie  SWOG-S0016  SWORD-studie  Sym004  symptomatic osteonecrosis  synchronous and lifetime brain metastases  synchronous bilateral breast cancer  synchronous stage IV anal canal squamous cell carcinoma  synoviaal sarcoom  synoviosarcoom  systemic treatment  systemische lupus erythematosus  systemische mastocytose  SystHER study  t-APL  T-cadherin  T-cel acute lymfoblastische leukemie  T-cel lymfoom  T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma  T-cellymfoom  T-DM1  T-VEC  T1-T2 RCC  TABEA  TAC  TACE  tagraxofusp  TAGS study  TAILOR trial  TAILORx analysis  TAILORx study  TAILORx-studie  talazoparib  talk-pleurodesie  tamilogene laherparepvec  tAML  tamoxifen  TAPS  TARDOX study  targeted agents  targeted alpha therapy  targeted exome next-generation sequencing  targeted intraoperative radiotherapy  targeted therapies  targeted therapy  targeted versus nontargeted therapy  targeting long-term non-attenders  TAS-102  TAS-114  TATTON study  Taxaan resistentie  taxane chemotherapy  TAXYNERGY-studie  TAZ  TBCRC 022 study  TBCRC026 study  TBISI  TC  TCF3-HLF positief ALL  TCH  TEAM IIB  TEAM-studie  Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Survivor Study  tele-oncologie  telemedicine  televisiekijken  telisotuzumab vedotin  telomeerlengte  telomeerziekten  telomerase-activiteit  temozolomide  temporal muscle thickness  temporal trends  temsirolimus  ten-year results  tenofovir  tenosynovial giant-cell tumor  terbinafine  TERRA-studie  TERT-mutatie  testicular cancer  testicular cancer in children and young adults  testicular germ cell tumors  testikelkanker  testiscarcinoom  textbook outcomes of curative-intent resection  TFAP2C  TG4010  TGCT  TGF-βRII  TH-302  TH3RESA  thalidomide  The Multiethnic Cohort  thee  therapeutic options  therapeutische vaccins  therapietrouw orale hormonale behandelingen  therapy-related AML  therapy-related cardiac risk  thermal ablation  thermal ablation versus nephrectomy  thermale ablatie  Thinking and Living With Cancer Study  thiopurine  thiotepa-busulfan-fludarabine conditioning  thorax-radiotherapie  thromboprofylaxis  thrombosis  thrombotic events  THRα2  thymoom  thymuscarcinoom  thyroid cancer  thyroid nodules  Tian  TIC  TIL therapy  TILs  time between positive gFOBT and colonoscopy  time interval to biochemical failure  time series analysis  time to death  time to metastasis  time to treatment failure  time-to-surgery  timing of HPV16-E6 antibody seroconversion  timing of local therapy  timing of onset of irAEs  tinzaparine  TIPN  tirlateraal retinoblastoom  tisagenlecleucel  tisotumab vedotin  TITAN study  TITAN-studie  TKI  TKI discontinuation  TKIs  TMB  TMNs  TMW  TMZ  tnAcity-studie  TNBC  TNBC risk genes  TNFi  TNFα-remmers  TNT-studie  TOAD-studie  tomaten  tomosynthese  tomosynthesi  tongbasiscarcinomen  tonsilcarcinoom  tonsillaire  topisch fluorouracil  TORS  totaal lichaamsbestraling  totaal-vet  total neoadjuvant therapy  totale lichaamsbestraling  totale mesorectale excisie  totale mortaliteit  totale overleving  TOURMALINE-MM3 study  toxiciteiten van oncologische behandelingen  toxicity-related chemotherapy modifcation  TP53  TP53 mutation status  TP53-mutaties  TP53-veranderingen  TPK cohort  TPP  traankliertumoren  trabectedin  trabectedin plus radiotherapy  TRACERx  trametinib  tranplantation-ineligible MCL patients  transarterial hepatic chemoembolization  transarteriële chemo-embolisatie  transdermaal fentanyl  transdermale toediening  transformation  transformation to SCLC  transgender people  transgenders  transorale robotische chirurgie  transplant-ineligible multiple myeloma  TRASTS study  trastuzumab  trastuzumab deruxtecan  trastuzumab emtansine  trastuzumab plus paclitaxel  trastuzumab-resistant HER2-positive breast cancer  treatment  treatment at specialized cancer centers  treatment failure  treatment interruption  treatment recommendations  treatment-emergent small-cell neuroendocrine prostate cancer  treatment-related cardiotoxicity  treatment-related incidence of diseases of the circulatory system  treatment-related toxicity  treatments for advanced NSCLC  trebananib  tremelimumab  TREnd-studie  trends  trends 2005-2015  trends 2008-2014  trends of cancer in children and adolescents  trial effect  TRIAS study  TRIBE  TRICOLORE-studie  trimodal therapy  TRINOVA-1  triple negatieve borstkanker  triple negative borstkanker  triple negative breast cancer  triple negative mammacarcinoom  triple-negatief mammacarcinoom  triple-negative borstkanker  triple-negative breast cancer  triple-negative mammacarcinoom  triptorelin  TROG 03.01-studie  TROG 99.03 study  trombo-embolie  trombocyt lymfocyt ratio  TRT  TSC  TSCC  Tsjernobyl  TSP-1  TSR  TTAC  TTC  TTF  TTFields  TTP  tubaligatie  Tubo-ovarian high-grade serous carcinoma  tubulysines  tucatinib  tucidinostat  tumor budding  tumor mutational burden  tumor regrowth between surgery and radiotherapy  tumor suppressor  tumor treating fields therapy  tumor-DNA  tumor-geassocieerde neutrofielen  tumor-immuuntolerantie  tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes  tumor-stroma ratio  TUMORAPA study  tumorgraad  tumorgrootte  tumorinfiltrerende lymfocyten  tumoronderdrukkers  tumorpredispositiesyndroom  tumorsubtypen  tv kijken  TVU  tweede kanker  tweede maligne neoplasmen  tweede maligniteit  tweede mammacarcinoom  tweede primaire maligniteit  tweejaaars-overleving  tweevoudige HER2-blokkade  twice versus once daily radiotherapy for SCLC  two weeks on  type 1-diabetes  type 2 diabetes  tyrosinekinaseremmers  tyrosyl-DNA fosfodiësterase 1  UADT-carcinomen  UATD-kanker  UBC  UC  UCB  UCC  UDON  UGT1A1 genotype  uHCC  UIP-ADC  UK Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Screening Trial  UK IMPORT LOW studie  UK Million Women Study  UK MRC OE05-studie  ultrasonografie  ultrasonography  ultrasonography findings  ultrasound  umbralisib  umbrella protocol  UMRD  underestimation of invasive breast cancer  United Kingdom Women’s Cohort Study  UNITY-NHL study  unknown primary lesions  unmet needs  unnecerssary adjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer  unplanned reoperation  unrelated donor hematopoïetische celtransplantatie  untreated multiple myeloma  uPAR  update MONALEESA-2  Update WECARE-studie  updated analysis KEYNOTE-024  upper tract urothelial cancer  upper tract urothelial carcinoma  upper-tract urothelial carcinoma  urbanisatiegraad  urinaire bijwerkingen  urinary cytokine profile to predict response  urine DNA hypermethylation signatures  urine tumor DNA  urinetest  urineweginfectie  urotheelcarcinoom  urotheelcarcinoom van de blaas  urotheliaal blaascarcinoom  urotheliaal carcinoom  urothelial bladder carcinoma  urothelial cancer diagnosis  USC  use of BRCA-testing  use of fertility drugs  uterine corpus cancer incidence and survival trends  uterine leiomyosarcoma  uteruscarcinoom  UTUC  uveaal melanoom  uveaalmelanoom  V600E V600K BRAF-mutant melanoma  vaccin  vaccin mammacarcinoom  vaccinatie  vaginal brachytherapy plus chemotherapy  VAIN  Val600 BRAF-mutant melanoom  validation  VALOR-studie  valproaat  vals positieve uitslag  varying test positivity thresholds  Vasaloppet  vasectomie  vasectomy  VCE  VE-BASKET study  veeleisende patiënten  vegetarische voeding  VEGF  VEGF-behandeling  VEGFR-remmer  VEGFR-TKI  VEGFR-TKIs  VELVET  VELVET cohort 2  vemurafenib  vemurafenib plus everolimus  venetoclax  venetoclax plus low-dose cytarabine  venetoclax-BR  veneuze trombo-embolie  venous thromboembolism  verf  verhoogd bloedglucose  VeriStrat test  vermoeidheid  verpleegkundigen  verteerbaar koolhydraat  vertrouwen  verzadigd vet  vessel co-option  vestibular schwannoma  vetinname  vetrijke voeding  vetzuren  VGX-3100  video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery  VIN  vincristine  vinorelbine  VIOLA study  virotherapy  viscerale adipositas  visconsumptie  VITAL study  VITAL-studie  vitamin D  vitamin D binding protein  vitamin D levels  vitamin D supplement use  vitamin D3  vitamin K antagonists  vitamin supplements  vitamine B3  vitamine B6  vitamine D  vitamine D-spiegel  vitamine-inname  vitiligo  Vivio  VIVROVAIRE I study  VLADI-studie  Vlagtwegge-Vlaardingen cohort  vlees  vleesconsumptie  vliegend personeel  vluchtige organische verbindingen  VMS  VOCs  voeding  voeding tijdens zwangerschap  voedingsgewoonten  voedingskwaliteit  voedingssupplementen  voedingsvezel  volasertib  volatile organic compounds  VOLFI-studie  von gunten  von hippel-lindau  Von Willebrand Disease  voorspelling recidief  voorspelling ziektevrije overleving  vosaroxine  VR consolidation  vroeg mammacarcinoom  vroege detectie  vroege detectie MBC  vroege menopauze  vroege resultaten COMPASS-studie  VS  VSCC  VTE  VTEs  vulvacarcinoom  vulvaire intra-epitheliale neoplasie  vulvaire intraepitheliale neoplasie  vulvaire lichen sclerosus  VWF  wachttijd  Waldenström macroglobulinemia  Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemie  Waldenström’s macroglobulinemie  warfarine  warren  watch and wait  watch-and-wait  watchful waiting  WBI  WBM  WBRT  WD DDLS  WDTC  web-based symptom monitoring vs routine surveillance  WECARE-studie  weefseltype-agnostische gerichte therapie  weekly carboplatin and paclitaxel  weekly KMP  weekly paclitaxel  weight cycling  weight loss  wekedelensarcoom  wekedelensarcoom. STS  werkloosheid  werkzaamheid placebo  WES  wetenschappelijk wangedrag  WHI  WHI-CaD studie  WHI-DM  whole brain radiotherapy  whole-body MRI  whole-brain radiation therapy  whole-genome sequencing  WHR  wigresectie  Wilms tumor  Wilms' tumor  Wilms’ tumor  withdrawal of antiepileptics  WM  women's health initiative  Women's Health Initiative-Observational Study  Women’s Health Initiative  WSG-ADAPT studie  WT  WTB-HRM  XELAVIRI study  XELOX FOLFOX vs LV 5-FU  xerostomia  XRT plus ADT  YAP  YKL-40  YM155  yoga  young adult ALL patients  ZAP-studie  zegelringcelcarcinoom  zelf-gerapporteerde vermoeidheid  zelf-onderzoek huid  zelf-test  ziekenhuisvolume  Ziekte van Castleman  Ziektevrije-overlevingsanalyse van ABCSG-18 studie  zinc-α2-glycoprotein  zittende leefstijl  ziv-aflibercept  zoledroninezuur  zonlicht  ZUMA-1 studie  ZUMA-1 trial  ZUMA-studie  ZW25  zwangerschap  zwangerschaps-geassocieerd mammacarcinoom  zwangerschapsuitkomsten  γ-glutamyltransferase